~ West meets East

As  promised earlier today, I'll reveal what is the story behind this picture.

...being featured on some kind of printed press is a very happy occassion for all people like  us {and not only of course!};
meaning people who are gradually developing a profession out of a passion, a hobby or simply out of doing what we can best and love with all our hearts.

When approached by one of the editors of LOHAS  magazine just a little bit before our Christmas trip to Rome,
I felt very excited, lucky and honoured to have been asked to participate in their upcoming monthly special feature.
A feature about eco friendly and handmade all the way packaging.
Wonderful I thought!

It fell as a Santa Clause 's present on my plate,
as those days I was spending  incredible amounts of time
packing in a very personalised and special manner packages for the etsy shop's orders,
my direct custom orders from friends (and very encouraging and loyal customers!), 
 as much as for two and more handfull of friends all around the globe.

I was enjoying every minute but tiredness had already begun knocking on my door.
My partner was commenting that he didn't understand the reason into doing this 
and as much as this didn't take away the happiness of the process,
it did leave me with a heart kind of heavy.

So why have I been doing this?
Why have I been creating one of a kind, personalised packages for all my friends and customers while recycling and reusing every kind of paper that we had?
From vintage music sheets, to catalogue pages made of already recycled paper...to natural string and jute...to...to...to?

Given an eco consiousness included, it basically gave me pleasure. Simply like that. 
It felt right. 
The most important reason though is that packaging instantly became a form of art itself.
Taking into consideration the choices each person had made, I tried to create a second present, this being the wrapping. It was my communicative way to express care and attention.

And this is what made the proccess worthwhile.
Christmas and life itself is about giving,
and that was an effort to give the best part of myself I could.

I'm so happy it somehow got noticed. 
Very honoured to be part of a publication, which focuses on Lifestyle of Health and Sustainable Living.
The whole magazine is gorgeous!
With all the glamour of a lifestyle magazine, still with a distinguisable quality easily noticed.
That of a more humanitarian approach to fashion, interiors & styling.
Aiming at waking up consiousnesses.

...and here goes a little travelling adventure:
the copies of the magazines travelled in between Hong Kong and Europe a couple of times until they reached my hands, due to them arriving subscribed when both my parter and I were away from home.
Him on one of his almost montlly trips around the world (this year he was actually in Hong Kong when the magazine was available there, but couldn't find an issue) and me in Greece, dealing with a very tired, nostalgic and low in energy self. 

Spring is here and together with it the copies of the magazine.
...and a most delightful and thoughtful present:
a mini book with thoughts and expressions about Love.

Isn't it wonderful how things are brought together sometimes?

...seemingly effortlessly, naturally, but certainly with lots of work having previously been done.

As for the interview, I'd like to share here the few questions and answers that are stated in the feature.
 Still the editor has to be contacted again to find out which of the many questions that I had originally answered are actually included.

Sometime in a next post my friends....

Till then, have a great evening and take a look at {this}


  1. now that is fabulous Ivy..beautiful spread...beautiful

  2. Wonderful Ivy!! Frankly, they were fortunate to have the privilege of meeting you!

  3. Wow Ivy ! Congratulations !!
    The magazine looks stunning and your pages are so chic and elegant ! Great job ! :)

  4. Thank you Anne, Madhu, Teressa my dears! So nice to read your comments :) xoxo

  5. beautiful!! so happy for you!

  6. how fun is that?!

    - lgrrl

  7. Cindy & Heather my dear friends, thank you so much! :)

  8. Great news Iro! I'm so happy for you! You deserve it, my lovely friend! :)