~ minimalistic dreaming

Teusday evening...thank you all for your very kind comments about {the little feature of mine} in Lohas magazine, which has made me very happy.
Both the feature itself, sharing it with you and then receiving your warm response.
I'm so glad to be back {here}...{here}...
{there}...and {there}, too.

...saying goodnight with two pictures that are growing under my skin since I saw them a while ago on {Pinterest}:

a minimal bedroom in Greece photographed by Vangelis Paterakis
and the airiest of dresses in my favorite {non}colour, nude
originally posted {here}

Sweet dreams...


  1. gorgeous pictures miss Iro ;) I must read some older posts of you.. still so much to catch up everywhere x

  2. you saying that...like taking a straight "A" in art & styling school! Thank you so much :) xo

  3. you know how much i love simple things as you do...lovely, dear...xox