waving h e l l o s & g o o d b y e s

some how like that I planned to welcome you to the middle of this fall,

only the end of October is just around the corner already,

so it seems more appropriate to 

say perhaps something like that: 

more than two months after the latest post here,
when the Jug was offering to pour some Happiness
into the Jar,
with the Jar gladly accepting, while offering some Hope herself,
{fairy tales for adults, copyright Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos, 2013}
the fairy tale is no longer only a fairy tale, but a true story.

The story of my life. 

The sweetest, most adorable story,
with all her bittersweet moments & dramatized parts,
a story that for every single minute of the sometime soon to be 6 six years,
I wouldn't change it for the whole world.

Naturally I wish I'd have been wiser, stronger or any other adjective that implies something better compared to what I have already done.

H e l l o. This is  R e a l i t y.  L I F E  is for learning.

And there is probably no feeling sweeter & more complete,
no contentment deeper, than realizing
that one has learned, one has moved on, 
one has broken  f r e e , one has made what seemed impossible,  p o s s i b l e

and while doing all that, he / she chose all over from the very beginning again,
the one person and kind of life that more than any words can say
is  w o r t h  of living..

Saying all that, it's important to me to communicate a fact that has been
concerning me for quite a while.

I'm a rather quiet, reserved & very private person.
I celebrate in a rather unusual way.
One who has found herself in the middle of this thing called "blogging",
{ with all its gorgeousness & complications }
and social media.

One who enjoys sharing bits of her life but also loves sharing precious moments
with herself and the people she loves,
without mentioning anything about it on any online medium.
At least from time to time.

The circle of my good friends is small & curated.
I'm happy for that.
The situations the past months have been acting as a magnificent compass,
assisting in establishing relation ships & letting go of ones that do not serve both parties happily, or at least have a common denominator of learning & growing.

We people tend to be lost in words sometimes. I hope to be able to use the medium of  language effectively.
As much as the preciousness of  s i l e n c e.
When relations ships are lost in words, when  h o n e s t  feelings fade away, or never find their way into manifesting in the first place, it's perhaps time to pass. 

When we can't see others for who they are or who they have become,
taking part in their story as much as we wish them to take part in ours,
a loosening in ties is inevitable.
When we can't see ourselves, we can see no one else.
When we cannot admit our own truths, there is no place to share the truths of others.

oh anyways...

Someone, whose attitude in life and accomplishments I admire, 
said the following:
lets  K. I. S. standing for:

 l e t s   k e e p   i t   s i m p l e.

When people tend to complicate, I try to simplify.
I've read that in one of  Lakshmi's amazing posts.
Now I feel it myself.

This way, real changes can take place.
Experiences have meaning.
Life itself is rich.

And balance isn't just an unknown word, something we "fight" or strive for.
Achieving balance in our every day lives becomes in itself a way of life.
Some times it works better, other less.
Nevertheless, we are able to  b r e a t h e  in the middle of everything...

P r a c t i c a l l y  speaking:

-> I've been at my home in Germany, yes that one, the little maisonette by the woods, 
since about the first days of September, after having spent almost a month in Greece,
{ which seemed like a century }
and that after having spent three weeks in Amsterdam, till the middle of August.

-> I have been re-setting up home with my life partner { for reasons of easiness, I'm considering to be referring to him as my husband here, after all it feels this way }

{ oh just ignore the undone bookcase in the background. I'll share updates soon.
That is if you would like to see ; ) }

but hey:

h e l l o !

-> I've been working on establishing myself as an interior consultant and life coach,
assisting people into living the lives they truly wish to live. { More on that in a different post }
To tease you a bit, I do say that I worked unexpectedly with the most amazing client ever this summer 
{ June - middle July } 
and beginning from just a little styling advice, we ended up remaking a whole kitchen,
while we have already set our hands in the living room. The best of all, a new friendship begun.
{ And yes, we would love to share the process & outcomes here!}

-> I've boarded a plane a few times, as shortly after I returned home in Germany in September,
Santa Claus came early. No, no he doesn't fly planes. 
But, he abducted me and brought me in a lovely, little, charming, stone house in the middle of nowhere. 
Or perhaps it was not the middle of nowhere.
But just a - truly beautiful  - property almost in the middle of Mallorca, located close to one of its authentic villages I so much adore.
Forth time on this island since 2009, { here some pics from a winter visit in 2010 }
every time I love it just as much - if not more,
always wondering about the peculiar connection I have with this place. 
Who knows? Are there past lives? Have I ever lived there before?

One thing is sure:

M a l l o r c a  mi  A m o r 

it was so great to be stepping on your grounds again!

And just like that, the first days of October past and I was back in Germany,
suiting in to my everyday routine just like gloves fit a hand,
just like milk & honey.

Sometime soon there'll be a post on relocating and the process of making
a new country your home.
A true home, with capital H.

Currently on another short trip in the country of my origin,
taking care of some practical issues and in a few days back Home in Germany,
where winter will be impatiently awaiting to show up.

The easiness with which I lately board planes, pack suitcases and adjust in differentiated 
temperatures is remarkable for my once rather over anxious self.

I'm glad. 

O.k, I'll put a full stop to this post. But I'll see you tomorrow,
sharing pictures of one of the photo shoots I did for the kindest contributors  
of my new Journals for this year,
which are no other than the stylish, grey felt ones, with the most fabulous details,
like you see at the top of the post,
but also below, 
as this picture was also used to thank the people who support this blog's respective Facebook page

Are you one of them? Then, thank you so very  much!
We reached 2500 sometime in the middle of the month.
Taking into consideration the totally sporadic posting and activity,
I consider it a great success!

T H A N K  YOU. 

I couldn't have done it without you!

Hope you are having a great start in this new week.
Meet you here tomorrow, xo


Styling & photography: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2013 { all rights reserved }


  1. Sweet november my dear..sweet days to come.

    1. To sweet autumns & all seasons of the year my dear Italian friend... xo

  2. I'm so happy for you, my dear Iro! And I'm glad you're back to blogging!

    1. Hi my dear Rita,

      thank you for the lovely welcome + expressing your happiness! Regards to you in beautiful Faro. : ) xoxo

  3. What strong feelings you give in your fairy tale... Bravo Iro, and very happy to wait for reading you again soon <3

    1. Salut ma chere Lau!

      So very nice of you to pass by + very happy to see you here :)
      Thank you! Best regards, xo

  4. So so happy to be reading from you again!
    Have a great new start sweety!!!

    1. Well, thank you very much for your nice wishes Marian!
      Also, so glad you are enjoying the posts here :)

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