oh dear, Spring has sprung!

oh dears, yes, Spring has {so} sprung,
not only in the pages of Domestic Stories,
but also in our surroundings,

birds are unstoppably tweeting their melodies,
or who knows, perhaps
 they are exchanging views on how fabulous the weather is,
which tree branch they should fly to next
or how do their new spring feathers look...


Certainly, having this week proceeded with undertaking 
a major styling & photo shooting project,
to be taking place in our already functioning
- hooray for learning to function with imperfection and while things are still on {the process} of being done -
in the next few weeks,
has brought all the positive boost that was needed.

Do you remember this?

the person behind the making of these cupcakes,
after being satisfied with our first small projects
decided to trust the eye, sense of style & flair of Domestic Stories
to build their upcoming business image.

Both the styling concept & photography of their portfolio
is going to be created here.

I'm excited.
A lot. And quite grounded at the same time.

You 'll have the chance to witness how we'll be taking 
a business hopefully from here to the moon,
by making the best of creative ideas.

The cupcakes themselves are delicious.
Lucky me I get to eat some, while photographing
"fake" ones.
Their maker enthusiastic, willing, capable & determined to make people happier
by pleasing their eyes shortly before satisfying their taste buds.

An image maker is needed
and hop on our lap these babies have landed.


Speaking of signing successful project agreements,
this gives me the opportunity to
keep the present I bought myself for my birthday.

Even though it's not on credit & is already paid by my earnings,
my recent realizations about the way I had been dealing with money in the past,
had brought me to the conclusion,
that however I found this coat {on my wish list since it got released last season}
for a super lucky 1/3 of its original price,
I was going to put it on sale,
in order to make some profit.

After all,  there are quite a few coats in my wardrobe, 
patiently & step by step built over the last 12 years...
yes, I know... I'm growing old.
but so long as I can graciously be growing old, getting more
beautiful from the inside, wiser in my thoughts,
more abundant in my heart & more successful professionally,
growing old is something I welcome
with ease & a smile.

I'm happy to share that I believe to be worthy of this present & I'm keeping it.
Yes, it's a keeper... isn't it beautiful?

made from 70% wool & carefully tailored,
makes h&m have the worth of a Christian Dior piece to me.

Here pictured hanging from our stairs together with his favorite scarf, 
which I happen to enjoy sometimes wearing, too.

oh yes, I do know that coat talking doesn't necessarily go together with Spring,
but the symbolism that the story behind it carries,
has everything to do with Spring.

New beginnings.
And most of all beautiful closures.
Yes, beautiful closures indeed.

Cause no fresh start can take place unless an end has been put.
No, not a stubborn end.
Not a slammed door.
But a slow, determined closure to everything that didn't work in the past.

Mainly past beliefs.
And most of all past traumas.

There are so many current lives going wrong based on past traumas.

Treating the wounds that life has left on us is like
an investment for a prosperous future.

Prosperous & abundant in every way.
Personally, financially, professionally. 

For one to reach to this point, there is not a mathematical formula that one can comfortably
follow and rely on,
quite easily avoiding also the responsibility of making decisions on his / her own.

To reach to such a point in one's life, it is a simultaneous outcome of at least two
major factors:
persistent and on going work over the years,
merging together with this one moment in time,
this fraction of the second,
where decision and the self {you, me...} are ONE;

where thoughts, wishes, visions & actions merge.


Somewhere here, I'll leave you for now with some shots from our living room, 
shot yesterday afternoon & {quite} early this morning,
renewing our appointment here again within the weekend,
as there is one inspirational woman's blog, shop & life
I' d like to share with you,
{among so many others... may time management become my best friend }
 as much as:

~ keeping these pages posted
about our home renovation process,

~ proceeding with the Sponsoring Concept which has almost taken a final shape,

 ~ elaborate on the creative & therapy sessions to be offered here,

while off course and as usually happily mixing stylish inspiration.
... blink! :*)

Hope you are already enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Styling & photography: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos
collage curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos

collage picture credit clockwise form top left: 
2. summer feeling by interior stylist Lo Bjurulf 
and the rather {strange story} to go with it...
no, beauty, aesthetics & wealth alone do not guarantee
happy & balanced lives, do they?
4. woman in petits pois and pink hat: source lost somewhere in pinterest


  1. so happy to hear spring has arrived and about your creative projects! The cupcakes look beautiful! X

  2. Spring has Sprung indeed, dear friend! It seems equally in your environment, your home and your heart. Wonderful! Great pics of your living room, and fine words as usual.

    That is a surprising story about Jenna Lyons. I realize by reading this article that I've seen images of this home so many times and never knew who it belonged to. The ensuite is my favourite spot in that house :)

    Can't wait to see the results of you and "Mrs. Cupcake's" creative decisions ;)