She k n o w s . . .

I'm ever so grateful for this little blog space I created some years ago...

I would have never imagined that it would be proving so precious 

in ways it does now

It's my  v o i c e ,

my  w i n d o w  to the  w o r l d


my  d r e a m  c o m i n g   t r u e 

It might appear immature and weak still,

but if you can't take m y   w o r d ,

then take my  h e a r t ' s   d e s i r e :

there'll be  f i r e w o r k s  soon

h e r e

c e l e b r a t i n g   m i r a c l e s 


the  p o w e r   o f   L o v e 

Y o u   a r e   a l l   w e l c o m e 


I'm very  t h a n k f u l


picture & words: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos, for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2013


  1. You are a very special, precious person... I wish all the best for you

    1. I thank you for wishes and welcome them in my life :)

      I also wish you all the best!

      For whoever sees good in others, it's cause it's part of them, too.

      Therefore you are precious & special in your very own way :)

      Take care,

  2. es maravilloso tenerte aquí!un abrazo sincero

    1. Your enthusiasm moves and touches me!

      Thank you so much and a sincere hug from me, too :)


  3. Condivido pienamente quando riferendoti al tuo blog dici:
    Ti auguro tutto il bene del mondo!
    A presto

    1. Ah Emanuela!

      "The best wishes of the world!" thank you so much for that,I need them and welcome them with all my heart!

      Thank you for being here, what a wonderful person you are!
      Tried to find a blog of yours, but so far couldn't.
      Perhaps you'd like to start one? :)

      Much love,

    2. Il commento non è stato pubblicato completamente. Volevo dirti che condivido con te il fatto che l'avere un blog è utile e aggiungerei terapeutico: è la nostra finestra sul mondo dalla quale poter urlare ad alta voce!
      grazie per le tue belle parole...
      La mia finestra sul mondo è e-manualmente.blogspot.com

  4. Oh, my dear Iro... I didn't know! Βλέπεις, δεν είμαι και πολύ τακτική επισκέπτης του facebook τελευταία... Believe in yourself, take a deep breath και μην αφήσεις τα πολλά ανοιχτά μέτωπα να σε νικήσουν. Take one step at a time και είμαι σίγουρη ότι πολύ σύντομα θα ξαναβρεις τη σειρά σου. Lot's of positive thinking from sunny Greece... cause sun heals everything, right? ;) xoxo

    1. Katerinaki!

      Euharistw poli poli apo kardias!

      Positive thinking + sunshine are already some of the ingedients for success & happiness... yes? ;)

      Love to you in our mother country!