...well, after all this super celebrating mood over at the FB page today {thank you to all 118 - so far -incredibly kind, encouraging and lovely people having joined}, I thought I bring myself to writing an actual post today. That would be nice, right ;)

To start with, as I came across this graciously elegant, modern, curvy and oh so stylish "Loungechair", 
made from coconut twigs and designed from Clayton Tugunon,
all I could think off was how much I adore its shape and then also how familiar it looks to me.

...searching through my brain's chambers I found another lounging chair that I not only love as much, but also am the owner off. It is the P.S collection VAGÖ from Ikea and mine is longing for my next visit in Greece, since it resides on the balkony of apart44, or else my parents house & my summer sanctuary {renovated/ designed / decorated & organised by me}

Wonderful....how do these facts bring me to the picture above?
Well, after putting this two chairs virtually next to one another,
I remembered how much I like to combine:

~ dark natural wood with white plastic
~ white with brown in general.

So, around I walked our little home and picked five objects to demostate to you this love of mine:
{starting from the bottom}

1 ~> a brown pillow from {Ikea}
2 ~> a white pillow with a rich texture  from {Bemz}
3 ~>a  patterned pillow {sewn from Habitat cotton teatowels}
4 ~> a plastic box {Fletcher design - purchased at Habitat}
5 ~> and a a wooden bangle or else my almost daily accessory all year long from {Pull & Bear}

In the background you can see this ceramic vase, standing on such a mini shelf.

Don't they look nice together?
The play of textures and patterns is my way of spicing up colour choices that otherwise are in danger of being considered dull. I do think the result is simmultaneously pleasing, stimulating but also calming to the eye.
What do you think?
Do you love naturals as much and if yes, what do you do to give them "life" and bring them forward?

Looking forward to your replies!
Have a great day and thank you once more for all your support.


  1. That's so funny. I was just saying at my blog today, how I am learning to appreciate the beauty of neutrals, how I am drawn to them lately and how they can enhance other colors.

    Love these 5 things you found around your sweet home. Good eye ... as usual =)

  2. I love your pictures! Sooo beautiful!!!hughs Anja

  3. Love your cushions and your very beautiful photos!

  4. Yvonne & Anja, thank you so much for your lovely comments and visit. I'm really happy you are enjoying around here :) Hugs und Küsschen

    Holly my dear, I know what you mean after having read your post! Glad you like my non colourful choices :) xo

  5. yes White and brown go quite good together.. its a bot softer then black.
    Have a great evening... sun is still shining here ;)