fresh ~ cool ~ fun ~ & ~ romance ~

good morning : )

shall we begin the day with something cool & fresh today?
...as a matter of fact...have been making some time to stroll around the fascinating , inspiring & fabulous virtual corridors of flickr,
and here are just a couple of the images that caught my attention.

Have created two collages with them,
both fresh & cool I find,
the one above focusing mostly on aqua hues
the other below in tones of raspberry pink
{which I btw find to be such a sophisticated expression of pink!}

Other than enjoying creating little visual stories combining pictures of wonderful artists & photographers together, I also wish to link you from here to some of my very personal favourite people around the blogosphere

So, starting with {cool & fresh}:

top left ~ {doodling} by Ez {Creature Comforts}
top right ~ {twirling chucks} by Jaqui
middle right ~ {sea air} by  Krista {Joy Hay}
bottom right ~ {on the quayside} by Suzi

and moving on with {fun & romance}

top right ~ {Blueberry Lassi} by Laksmi
middle left ~ {playing with pattern} one of Ez's awesome watercolours
middle right ~ {lo and beholdness} by Miss Tiff  {Dottie Angel}
bottom left ~ {untitled} by Sue h. 
bottom right ~ {redbud} by Shannon blue

aren't they all just gorgeous?

when you have some time to spare, I'd suggest sitting back and enjoying visiting  
the photo galleries and blogs mentioned above....that is if you aren't already doing so ;)

I' ll be leaving you with a glimpse of one of my favourite corners on earth,
a tiny beach just a few min drive from Apart 44, where I go swimming when in Greece.

...take a {virtual} dive {here}
...and a have a fabulous day! 


  1. yes all gorgeous!! awesome pictures to start out my morning. Have a great day!


  2. wonderful, thank you so much Ivy for adding one of mine xoxo

  3. Yes! So gorgeous all those colors.
    You made my day for sure!

  4. Thank you Ivy (Again) ..... It is a beautiful collection of images, xoxo

  5. So beautiful, Ivy! I'm honored to be included with all these lovelies.

  6. Wow! These are both so gorgeous Ivy! Thank you for including me! I'm tickled pink. xo Ez

  7. Thank you Ivy.... such an adorable post :) xx Krista

  8. ...so happy you have enjoyed this as much as I did! Krista, Shannon, Ez, Nalalie, Jaqui and all, thank you for passing by to brighten this place with your presences in the comments section!
    Have a great weekend ahead :) xo