Paris: charm, elegance and my rambling fire starter ;)

 a lovely afternoon to all, that is if you are in a similar time zone!
in any case, wishing you to enjoy your day much, whatever you may be doing.
mine begun with taking care of mails concerning possible on line co-operations
and some exchange of ideas. I'm super happy to be working closely with a bride to be these days, preparing a custom order for her, which will mark her special day.

I'm also relieved to be reading your comments on the last post,
because believe me, there is a lot of courage to be gathered in order to come out and place yourself in the market. While simultaneously making clear that you are not a product yourself.
That your ideas, abilities and talents are to be respected and rewarded.
Like your whole being, presence and personality.

While I'll still be gladly sharing openly inspiration & ideas here and occasionally guest blogging
{for some people that have since a long time suggested that, but the right time hadn't yet come}
I'm mostly concerned in turning what is currently a passion and a kind of unpaid job,
into an additional way of earning a living.

Perhaps, had the financial situation in Greece been not so tight, 
directly affecting heavily my family {and in a way myself}
 I would have forever been devoting my time freely.
I begin having a lot of respect not for money itself, but for its energy and all that it provides. Starting with the essentials. Having grown up with an attitude that money would somehow always be there,
now that there is not, I feel it is just the right push to place myself more firmly about what I want to do.

Apart from freelancing as a interior consultant & decorator taking over projects as they may appear, crafting and undertaking custom orders, I feel the need for stability.
Need I say that through blogging I have grown to love not only interior design, decoration & photography,
but also styling in general and writing as well?

These are the thoughts and facts behind my seeking a magazine related job.
I feel that I have lots to offer while I gain and learn, too.

Any ways my dears, let me ramble no more!
Let me instead relate to the pictures of this post.

Paris...what else! I begun my morning delighted by the site of this Parisian house,
which became known to me thanks to Rodostina's wonderful post on the equally wonderful blog she keeps. I'm only posting a couple of pictures here and encourage you to hop here and see many more stunning shots of this space.

I'm opening this post here with it cause this space, from the architectural point of view, to the materials used,
the furniture, decoration, details and whole mood, describes perfectly my personal taste & style.
So take a last peak below and then jump here for the original post and do return to see some wonderful photography, with Paris being its subject.

Are you back already?

The pictures below belong to Little Brown Pen, probably one of the most fabulous photography shops that exist. I hardly doubt that there is need to introduce it to you, but in any case,
you may visit their stores here, here and blog here.

If I were the owner and inhabitant of the house presented above,
all of the pictures below would be candidates for decorating a corner of some of its fabulous walls.
Start seeing and click on the word "via" under each picture to be directly linked to the respective shops.

the picture above may be not picturing Paris, but it certainly carries all the charm and elegance of it!
Made by my friend Natalie, aka The Shabby Photographer.

Above and below some of the new arrivals in another ever favourite store of mine,
Anne's etsy shop, aka magalerie

Hope you enjoyed and are inspired!
...off to a meeting and back later tonight!


  1. I love Little Brown Pen's photos. She is truly talented and decorous.

  2. What a beautiful surprise sweet Iro :) Thank you so much always a pleasure to be featured on your wonderful blog xoxo