~ healing power...

 hello everyone....

I' ve been sick since last evening & will therefore not work on any kind of screen today, 
 at least for some time

 am bringing here some pictures that make me happy to share with you,
cause I believe that images can carry a lot 
of energy & even healing power 

am a firm believer of  love + magic + goodness you see...

so let's take a look
do hope that many faces of yours can smile, up on looking at them... 

 above, a little boy together with his best friend looking out the window,
while being in a warm, loving home...
how much joy + happiness + bliss
does this photo carry?

below, my summer clothes as they were lovingly being packed to spend a few days in
Greece for a {heavenly} mini summer vacation

corners in the old city of Kos

at the beach of Ajios Stefanos on Kos 

bamboo umbrellas at the beach of "Hrisi akti" or else, Golden beach 

a cafe at the center of the old city, situated under an enormous tree,

warm, golden sand at Tigaki beach

our home in Germany, my vintage Beirette camera

and so much more...
but there is not need in putting them all in one post ...

looking very much forward to coming back,
recovered, with fresh posts

till then,
~ take care 
~ remember to {or don't forget}

 do join us for a lovely {celebration & give away}
taking place until the 10th of August
which you can enter 

~ ~ ~

P.S1: coloured words + phrases are actually links taking you to more information. Use them ; )

P.S2: to all concerned lovely friends + relatives that might want to call,
I'll be just fine & will call you as soon as I'm better.
It cannot be that bad for me being able to come here and post, right? ; )


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry...take care my dear, and come back more glowing than before!

  2. My dear, I hope you get well soon! I've been struggling with a sprained ankle since last friday... so boring...

  3. Get well soon, Iro. Hope it's a minor thing. Sending positive thoughts your way, Imke

  4. Meine liebe Iro,
    ich wünsche dir von Herzen gute Besserung und hoffe sehr, dass es dir bald wieder richtig gut geht.

    Küsschen, Nadine

  5. Hope you feel better soon Iro my dear. Love your pictures today...the little boy and the dog made me smile! xx

  6. Sending you a virtual fruit basked to get well soon!
    x Iris

  7. Dear Ivy,

    Get well soon!
    Best wishes :)

  8. Thank you all so dearly for your get well wishes!
    Already recovering, working & soon posting here again :)
    Happy Friday my dears Rita, Ilaria, Nadine, Imke, Iris & Vanya. Really appreciate your thoughfulness. xo

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better! Thank you for your nice commentes! Oh, regarding my pets, I wrote a bit more on that just for you, here http://busywomanstripycat.blogspot.com/2011/08/crochet-goodies-terra-quente-warm-land.html

    I whish you the loveliest weekend!

  10. Oh no I am late here but so glad you are feeling better dear....sending you love and hugs xx

  11. such gorgeous photos! i also took a peek at your home set on flickr, and oh my gosh!! amazing. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment!! i'm always happy to make a new friend :)

    talk soon! xo.

  12. I just discovered your blog and just love the little boy and the puppy dog. Yes, pure joy and bliss. I look forward to seeing more of your work.