~ listening to the radio?

love at first sight...
are you familiar with this concept?

am almost certain that you do...

personally, the more social platforms like Facebook encourage us to "like" things,
the more selective I'm drown to be...

resulting in a need to:
 ~> shop less, 
~> have less,
but at the same time the need to like as much as possible
anything and anyone in my life

from people who are in my immediate environment to
to each and every object in our home & household,
to the work I do,
to the work of others,
to how I spend my time
both in virtual & real life.

this being said, there is a tendency instead to rather fall in love 

here is how I define falling in love with someone's work:

"being positively stuck with it since the very first visual encounter,
while both the eyes, the soul and the mind are
experiencing a state of intense pleasure and calmness.
moreover, the object or work in any form 
are since then always remembered
and recognised when seen again"

so has been the case with {AM radio}
or else one of the most stylish and beautiful
vintage shops operating on etsy

what fascinates me is that Melissa,
the creative person behind AM radio company/shop,
 has actually turned her work into art

this fact is something that marks me forever...
I mean when I come through people,
whose love and passion for what they do
instantly tranforms their work into art.

selling can be a very commercial issue (if but anything else),
or perhaps a very artistic issue,
with a successful outcome, counting as commercialsm as well

whenever I think of sales & material things,
then examples like Chanel come in my mind.

would miss Coco ever go out in the streets* "shouting" about the quality 
of her work?

* in current societies it is the Internet

I sincerely doubt it,
as she would have no time to actually produce quality, would she?

now what do Coco Chanel and {Am radio} or for that matter any other 
similar shop have in common?

a dynamic trio if you ask me:

unique quality, originality, love & passion for what they do.

one of the reasons Am radio is shared with you here today
is that its success is mainly based on the
extreme beauty of the work,
may it be the vintage finds Melissa choses,
or the impeccable in every way styling and photography
of the objects

there is no blog connected to the shop, neither a FB page at the moment,

I admit to not being always informed about everything that is going on
on etsy {therefore I only read Melissa's  interview just today}
or even all the blogs that I follow,

 simply cause if I really did,
then there would simply be no time to actually live a life,
even more a creative life,
as everything that I would create would be nothing but a mere
combination of countless inspirational stimuli from here and there

allow me to say that this is not my idea of creativity.
as fine as it may be to reproduce a favourite DIY project that we saw in a magazine,
or a blog,
as fine it is not and it cannot be named as creativity
when we see something, like it and then set on our
"adventure" to recreate it or "cleverly" reproduce it

yes, I do believe in the freedom of ideas to flow and to even change hands,
but at some point, there is a source,
and for me the source of creativity can be nothing but our true selves

so to return to AM radio, 
going through the shop's items,
I'm left with no doubt in the world,
that the person who is doing all the creative work,
is actually in love with what she does,
from the time she sets off to discover new treasures,
to taking care of them by cleaning them,
to styling her "models" to photographing them
to finally communicating with customers

it is all there
the love
the passion
the care
the excitment

 I believe this to be and to forever remain the basic ingerdient of success
how many years they may pass, how much technology may evolve,

advertisment will always be a help in promoting one's work,
but in the first place, there should be work worth of mentioning,
in order to survive in time.

on another point of view, I'm extremely happy to be sharing these finds
with you here today,
as these beautiful porcelain letters below
are the first purchase I did for my future, little studio corner
in our soon to be new home

adoring white, natural materials like porcelain and typography in general,
these could have not been any better for 
putting together my creative corner

and even though I' m since a long time extremely careful with expenses
and shopping, I'm happy that new horizons are opening for me,
therefore allowing for such small spontaneous treats as these
ones below

aren't they just darling?

so you already know by now, which is the basic inspiration
my future studio corner's creation will be based on:

well, hello ideas!

saying that, I'm so thankful for the fact that through the renting process 
of our current living space,
so mamy doors are opening to me

the clouds' silver linings are slowly and steadily beginning to appear...

 these amazing milky white glasses
would have easily ended up in my shopping cart,
 had I not efficiently learned to "hold my horses"

they would indeed look marvelous 
all lined up with flowers inside, at our new dining area,
but I have to keep in mind that
there is a renovation awaiting ahead
and this is no time
 to be indulging in
every temptation

perhaps they'll still be there next time I visit the shop
or perhaps the'll end up in one of your
 beautiful houses

so my dears, 
I' ve really mentioned enough points in this post
and will just let you enjoy looking at some more

I'll wait for you at the end for a nice closure...


I suppose that after this visual bath,
it's time to share a picture of Melissa* with you....

*btw Melissa means bee in Greek, quite an appropirate name for a creative & productive person,
don't you think?

honestly, when you see such a person's eyes & face expression,
is there really any doublt in the world,
that above all, 
she's trully a kind person,
appreciating the life she has and all she does?

do hop {here} to read her whole interview...
I' ll just fininsh this post with some of her words that deeply touched me:

Where would you like to be in ten years?
Still seeking out vintage treasures, loving my husband more than I do now, watching my little girl grow into a lady, and possibly building a cottage tucked neatly away by the waters edge.

wishing you all a wonderful day ~

it has been such a pleasure putting this post together,
while at the same time mails were being exchanged with Melissa,
in her effort to assist me in every possible way she could.

till next time... 
take care and consider this:


All pictures are originally styled and made by Melissa for AM radio.
The first collage, second diptych and the one before the last are put together by me for Domestic Stories 2011
[all rights reserved]

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