Life's higher qualities...

hello everyone!
  it has been quite a while, since {the last time I came to post here},
wishing, to all those who seem to have left earth's classroom too early,
to rest in peace.

 days passed by and in between, I spent a few days in Greece,
taking care of some rather not so pleasant dental care appointments,
catching up with some friends,
while enjoying the view to the mountains facing east
and to the sea facing south from my parents' apartment.

I tried hard to focus on all things positive, as the political & financial situation
there makes it rather hard.
sometimes I succeeded & then others I failed...

 some family situations brought up to the surface traumas of the past,
 only to realize that one actually never gets over them...
 not completely, as much as time heals...
  we simply choose to turn the page
instead, quite often leaving behind people who are unable to follow...

. . . . . . . . . . . 

but, but, but!... have come with nothing else than positive & relaxed mood to share with you,
some pictures taken yesterday, back home in Germany,
(where the movement process is step by step and quite relaxed beginning)
with my partly damaged camera 
(the digital display got destroyed),
which though to my surprise, still takes wonderful pictures.

... the only difference is that I must wait until the card's images are transferred to the computer,
where I can see what I actually did.

and off course, there is always a silver lining in every cloud,
so long as we are willing to find it, right?

using the view finder is something I since more than a year happily did,
with my newest DSLR camera,
bringing back memories from more than 10 years ago,
when I was happily shooting with my parents' vintage Ricoh camera,
similar to this one 

but trusting my eye & instinct cause there is no possibility to immediately check on the display 
what I did is something new.

I'm pleased with the results,
so I'm happy to share them with you!

A couple of shots of the amazing order that arrived
 from {AM studio} [find an explicit post here]
 all captured during the magic hours of early morning sun
and early afternoon...

just as I set them on the table
one by one, while opening my parcel...
 discovering the extra surprises Melissa was so kind and thoughtful to include.

She loves her job and I know it with all my heart...
and it is becoming more and more important
in my everyday life that I interact with people
who know themselves what they love with all their heart, too
and are devoting their lives in doing it...

everything that is pictured in this post, except the "Hello ideas" porcelain letters,
which you may find {here},
were added as a gift.

Melissa has been wanting to thank me for {the post I wrote about her}
a while ago, but I reassured her that my present was that I actually discovered
her & her work.

She anyway surpassed any expectations (that I didn't actually have)
by including a little white dove ornament,
a mini himmeli mobile {check them here!}
and a vintage, wooden thread spool,
together with a handwritten book card,
with notes referring to love.

                                              I hope that you'll enjoy watching this pictures,
 as I literally felt that time stopped when I was taking them...

I also hope to be able to transmit some of the love and peacefulness

this is to peace eventually all around the world 
but most of all and before all,
in each and every one of our hearts.

I keep reminding this to myself:

peace or war begin inside us.

and war can take many simple kind of "acceptable" by society every day forms...
like over antagonism or over ambitiousness for example.

I recently realized thanks to a few situations,
that a peaceful life
is one of my highest goals to achieve through this life...

what about you?
what is important to you?
which qualities are of higher importance in your life?
which ones are your striving to achieve?


  1. i am happy to see that sun is always shining whereever you are..and when it does not you always see the bright parts not negociating the darker parts but mostly get them shined over by the rays of sun..sending warm hugs to you, dear..xxx

  2. Good to see you always coming back with a positive mood!

  3. Iro! These photos are spectacular! Even despite their neutral colours they speak so loudly. I feel the passion and positivity behind them very much. Actually, It seems to be a good thing your display died. These images are proof of that - proof that your inner instinct is bang on. Just wonderful.

    As for your question of what we strive for ... In my case, I am working everyday towards creating something that comes from me. This is what is making me truly happy and impacts all the aspects of my life. By the same token, as I work to create something personal for my career, I am always thinking about balancing it with other things that are important to me. I strive to make time for myself, for my husband, for friends and family and extra curricular activities (in this case I mean my fitness routine and my recent involvement with painting which I started this weekend). A well rounded, balanced life to me equals a happy one, and that is what I strive for. It is not always easy, but as long as I am doing my best to achieve it, I know it is good.

    Thank you for a beautiful post


  4. Fantastic pictures! And you perception is always positive. Yes, peace is a state of mind. All happiness and suffering is experienced in the mind. It will never stop moving like a river never stops flowing, but we are not in the stream. We are observing it. Peacefully. To understand the difference between the self and the mind (and the intelligence and the body to that matter)is my higher quality of life ♥

  5. gorgeous LIGHT!