Gratitude & the present moment

hello my friends!

 so nice to come here again to share some inspiration with you 
{smile :*)}

I think I've made the quiet decision to be following my heart and my feelings in each and every post shared here....

that might create some complications with posts that need to be scheduled,
such as when other people are involved, but I have full trust that it is going to work out just fine...
you too may I suppose and hope? 

blink, blink ; )

so, my mood board today is full of emotions and is marked by the depth of the music and the {lyrics} of {this} song,

at the same time, my choices above pretty much colour my feelings, too
{could be the opposite as well I guess}

the good thing about quotations & inspiring words, is that they are self explicative and there is no need to talk much
{ something that I seriorusly need to parctice on ;)}

so I must say, that:

~> I think that I'm lucky {possibly intelligent, too} enough to have chosen a gentleman to be by my side
{well not always but anyways, who talks about perfection?}

~> I must have also found my trick and being enjoying life right HERE, right NOW
{the power of the present is unbittable}
please notice that the word present in the English language also has a double meaning:

 present : now
present : gift

simple additional mathematical equation... and

your present is...  {the} present!
or {the} present is your present!

... however you wish to state it

voila! that's all you have in your hands!
but it's a huge thing isn't it?

if you consider how many people are lost in memories or future aspirations
{ no, no... never said that we shouldn't have any of both!}
how many people are trapped by their own emotions,
their own preconceptions....

I think I might have ended being such a person,
but instead, had better plans for me and this life, so generously offered to me...

I fought my dears... fought with mind and heart
 to overcome all possible emotional shortcomings
and start living my life, the way I decide, I wish.

I've mentioned it again months, perhaps years ago, but one of the best* presents I've done to myself was beginning and completing {for about 7 years} psychotherapy sessions.

* second best present to myself ~> I begun blogging!
** third best since the begining of this last December ~> I'm dancing freely, while exercising a few times a week}

I'm not saying that they are necessary - here I mean the therapy sessions {despite also having majored and graduated from Psychology, too}
just saying that they are enornously helpful and offer a solid basis for a real, true alteration/ transformation of the self, towards the best human beings that each of us can be.

there lies happiness my friends....
being the best that we can be each day,

at this point, it fits rather nicely to state that, thanks to Nichole Robertson, runner of {this} tremendously succesful and utterly beautiful shop
{and FB of course, for how else could I have been instantly informed?} I got to spend some nice moments exercising a bit my... sometimes rusty brain cells, by causing some neural transmitions and evoking thoughts {and emotions at the same time}
when reading {this article} on Modern time and the perception of time.

just marvelous... 
{yes, good idea! ~> make yourselves a cup of tea, take some cookies or pieces of your favorite chocolate
and enjoy reading it!}

and then, to end this post, that once more, totally failed in being minimalistic in words,

je ne regrette riens ~ I do not regret a thing,

not one single moment of the life I 've lived so far, even the ugliest, the hardest or the most uncharming ones.

and then smoothly like a silk ribbon falling on the floor,
this brings me to gratitude,
which transforms everything into well... enough!

the magic of having it all...

I have it all my friends
I'm eternally grateful for that 

and you, how are you today?

best wishes from me
a big thank you for your presence here and the warm comments you are sharing.
I have really started  loving communicating with you!

Got to go... have a vegetable soup to cook and a few more boxes to unpack & organise...

Picture credit from top to bottom (click on each number)
1 ~ 2  ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 collage made by me combining {this} & {that}  ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 selfie made by me 

Au revoir et merci pour etre ici avec moi!


  1. Oh yes my dear!
    "je ne regrette riens" should be my new mantra..and I love the song + her voice.. {or maybe a new tattoo?}

    Welcome back once again! ;-)

  2. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful post again and so wise words ... I totally agree with you, and at lot of the things you wrote about, were in my mind during the last days, too... and thanks for mentioning the double meaning of the word 'present' - you are so right!!! Thanks for remembering - sometimes we just need someone to remind us...
    I think right now is the time to learn and to start to LOVE communicating with each and everyone around us. One of greatest and deepest experiences of blogging for me is feeling so deeply connected to more and more people around the earth and percieving myself as a beautiful part of this beautiful and wonderful net of love, acceptance and appreciation as well as of happiness and gratitude. And it's great, that more and more likeminded people find each other and I'm happy to live in these excting times, actually - even if it's sometimes not easy at all.
    Thanks again, Ivy for sharing your thoughts. :*)

    Enjoy the evening.
    Love. Lysann xoxo

  3. Dear, you are back (like I said so many times)...I am happy that you are here with us again, we missed you so much. And for this post - perfection! Kisses, Nika

  4. I really like your blog. It's so inspiring and I love how you share your thoughts and something real. It is easy to put on a show in the blogosphere but you seem honest and as a reader I appreciate it. Wish all the best in 2012.

  5. Great post Iro, a pleasure to read, and look at! I absolutely love the picture of the barn (but it seems the link is broken?...). I really enjoyed the music video - very calming and emotional at the same time. You are so right that the present IS our best present - I strive to live everyday in the moment ... not always successful, but the important thing is to try, to persist, to be aware, I think. On another note, I am so happy you are dancing! I can see you now, free styling in your living room (although I can only imagine you at the penthouse, lol!)!! Lol.

    Alrighty, I'm off to bed (so I will read the NYTimes article tomorrow with my coffee), wishing you sweet dreams ;)


  6. Thank you so much Ilaria, Lysann, Nika, Marianne, Holly!

    well, I got to you personally about the amazing things you shared in the form of a comment, so I needn't repeat myself here ;)

    Just to state once more that it is incredibly liberating sharing bits of yourself and feeling that yes, there are these out there who get through to you! Thank you so much for that :)

    ...oh, Holly dear, the link is now functioning, sorry for the inconvenience!
    About dancing, it's funny how I dance in the tiniest of rooms!... also moving from one room to the other... The feeling is lovely, like the energy of movements is making the physical limits of the house not to matter...

    Have a great day, enjoying all you love to do you all! xo

  7. wao!quelle belle façon de commencer l'année!

    merci! merci de tout cet encouragement et beaux messages

    Thank you! and Happy New year to you, family and friends!

  8. A wonderful, inspiring & encouraging post, dear Iro.
    I listened to the music while I read… it was a perfect accompaniment & so beautiful xxx

  9. Didn't know you had such a beautiful blog Iro. Glad that I found it! Και σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο για τον καινούριο χρόνο, στο καινούριο σου σπίτι! Greetings from Scotland! ;)

  10. Really lovely, thank you for posting this!