~ happiness is a decision, well didn't you know it?

after such a realization life may seem a little different
 in a way even dictating changes in one's perception and actions...

 seems like there is not much space for complaining...
 neither too many words about things.

 Just a pure diving into delight when happy moments occur and are also perceived as such
 then just efforts & sincere commitment in taking action to changing everything
 that needs to be so, according to what life is showing us.

Yes, you read right, not what we always perceive as our need,
 but what life is persistently pointing its finger to.

Sometimes we humans are not clear about our needs.
Our egos get in the way.
Our false beliefs get in the way.
Missconceptions get in the way.
Pain gets in the way.
Fear gets in the way.
The past gets in the way.
Ambition gets in the way.
A rather long and on going list can be written...

So Mrs Happiness knocked on my door early this morning
and in fact I let her in...
no miracles happened.
neither did yesterday's problems & troubles magically disappear...
it will take a little more effort for that to happen

Miracles might have not happened but the sun was shining again here today.
I took some time to snap shots around our place,
journaling the little steps of renovation progress...

The wallpapered wall is ready. Indeed it is!
Wallpaperwise, cause there is still the skirting to be put.

It has enough imperfections so that you notice them & know that it is done by a non expert ; )

"Pearl Birches" is the wallpaper's promising in every way name. I truly love it.
As much as I love the design itself. 
For the height that it brings to the room & mostly for the light it catches.
It has shiny parts that do the trick...
little sort of brilliant, or?

The tulips seen bellow were part of Friday's grocery shopping,
which I was happy to do as early as 8:00 am in the morning when
they first opened today.

The paper bag usually carries lunches.
As it was lying there on our dining table
this morning catching sun rays, 
I knew it was about to have a new use...
blink! ; )

I really like that it is actually used.
And as soon as the tulips found their place
(transparent, cheap, pretty, functional, Ikea)
a silver marker
a deep realization
came to complete the image.

Happiness is a decision.
Yes, it is.

Have you perhaps also already made such a realisation?
Or even better are you actually living with such an attitude?

I'm really struck by its importance!
Of course taking realisation into actions is a different thing.

One that also happens day by day...

I've heard and can't help but totally agreeing
that pure & deep realization can only be followed by actions & changes.

we can't really cheat on life, can we...?

and this is me below saying hello! from our stairs,
the only part of the new place that has been left intact.
A part that it took a lot of effort & time to come to good terms
and peace with.
They are from marble but we like them. We do.
The same goes for the metal parts.

                                        ... and do you notice the pretty headband on my hair?
It recently arrived from Florence,
 a present from Katia,
a wonderful in so many ways person... her smile, positive energy & hard working spirit 
is what I admire the most in her,
together with her beautiful creations!
 I'll show you more of them in a next post.

wouldn't that be nice?... : )          

     Wishing you to spend delightful in every way weekends!


Picture credit: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2012.


  1. Happiness is a decision, yes. A decision to live our life in a certain way. Not being bullied by ourselves and others. And happiness is essential for our well-being. In this sense, have a happy weekend, Iro!

  2. Oh yes, happiness is a way of life.. an so is a decision!

    I know Katia!!! I knew her on facebook... She create wonderful things and she is a wonderful person.
    Laura Anna

  3. It's been quite long since my last comment, as I prefer visiting your blog in a silent way. But now, I really want to say my opinion. Happiness is absolutely a decision. When you decide and believe it, it comes to you. This is how I live.

    This headband is really cute.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  4. The title was enough to make my heart smile. Yesterday I had conversations with two people who are close to me that struggle with happiness. A lot. And my message to them was - what can you do to change it? The thing is one of these people knows in theory how to be happy. But only in theory. They have a very hard time owning and living by their good notions. The other person has no clue. I feel sad for both of them. They both wish desperately to be happy. But as you said, all kinds of things get in the way. In their case, you named just what it is - fear for one and false beliefs for the other. And I realize that these are such major obstacles. They're dangerous.

    But as you so nicely pointed out, it can all begin with a decision. And then putting our egos to the side and doing what needs to be done, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel. If we can push through that part, the rest will be easier. Anyhow, that's how it happens for me usually. Sometimes, more effort is required, sometimes sincere acceptance and awareness is enough. It depends.

    I feel like this post is very symbolic. You have really let us into your home Iro. And that can only mean one thing. Happiness. The pictures tell us so.

    You have done such wonderful work to your "cave". Thank you for sharing it here :)


  5. Hello Iro! :D

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have - because this weekend I decided to be happy! I started by buying tulips (like you!)on Friday - aren't they just lovely flowers? Today I've spent outside in the garden with my husband, enjoying the sun, working on our kitchen garden, cleaning out our greenhouse so it will be ready for our little tomatoes. It was just lovely!

    At this point in my life it is unfortunately ambition and other people's expectations that keep me from making the most of my time. Ambition - because I want our little business to be successful and therefore I end up spending late nights, loosing sleep and every free minute there is on the shop and blog. It shouldn't be that way! So I hope I will keep spending time on enjoying life more. After all, it mostly leads to more inspiring blog posts and more efficient work being done :)

    Hope you will have a happy week ahead of you!

  6. i loved this post so much my friend and i also loved the answer by holly right above me! she's so right... some people only know happiness by theory and sometimes it involves something that is quite unreal. and they keep living hoping to get somewhere that will bring them happiness, forgetting that is not the way things work. we should embrace what life brings us and deal with it, taking the best part of what happens, learning from the not so great parts as well (and from the good ones). happiness is also accepting things as they are and giving them value, appreciating simple things, what the day has brought to you. i come from a country where people are always complaining about something. it's like faith they say. and it annoys me that so many will never get to feel happy for their lives, or even recognize that they have reasons to be happy. i'm really glad you wrote this... have a great monday my friend!

  7. Love love that wallpaper! And such an inspirational post!
    I'm with Marianne a little bit, struggling to make the most of my time, so this weekend I did! I stayed away from the blog and anythign work related, and enjoyed a fabulously lazy weekend!
    x kat

  8. I've just discovered your blog... it's lovely!!

  9. Well thank you all for your amazing contribution in this post with your comments & generously devoting your time here!
    Holly, Angelina, Marianna, Claudia, Igor and all new comers on board, thank you very much for your support :) Incredibly appreciated & precious.

    Have wonderful weeks ahead & do drop a line on what you think about our winter garden, now that it's almost ready to function as a studio, too.

  10. Wonderful post! Happiness truly is a decision. Love your headband!!

  11. Whow, wonderful post. I just put you to my favourites.
    Love this style.
    Lovely hugs

  12. it looks like a lake outside....