Just b r e a t h e . . .

in order to keep the flow going,
 when remaining  c e n t e r e d , 
f o c u s e d ,  g r o u n d e d   &  f e e l i n g   g u i d e d 

seems like a hard task to accomplish,

I hereby decide to take but a few moments to put together posts,

which will be expressing  emotions,
while keeping my feet on the ground,
distracting me from feeling helpless,
while also putting into use the combination of visual & verbal inspiration
that I have discovered to not only love, but indeed actually
being able to  b r e a t h e  through it

till  R o o t s  grow...
l o v i n g l y ,
s t e a d i l y , 

till the first twigs and leaves appear,
till the little tree,
creates a  s o l i d   f o u n d a t i o n
able to sustain  g r a c i o u s l y   &   t h a n k f u l l y 
any kind of weather

I hope that you'll also enjoy seeing and reading such posts,
till I share again some of my own visual work,
while also having the chance to come along, to participate,
to support, or to even perhaps and hopefully find some support yourselves.

Much love to you,
I'm immensly grateful for your support and sweetest, kindest of "welcome back's"
in my latest post  There can be so much love...


picture credit:
up left { adoring the mix of geometric shapes and the freshness & coolness of the blues!}
up right {what a beautiful package design for dairy products!}
down {got to love all the collection!}


  1. j'aime beaucoup les nuances de bleu..& les motifs
    c'est tres beau,merci

  2. Merci a toi Kate!
    Merci que tu es ici :)

    Iro, xo

  3. I really love all the things you said,excuse my bad english .I missed you and I very happy to ear you again.A lot of love for you

    1. Hello dear Begona {sorry for the absence of a little "wave" above the "n"}

      please do not excuse yourself for anything. You, despite English not being your language, taking the courage and time to come and share here supporting and encouraging me is truly precious.

      Thank you wish all my heart!
      I see that adding learning languages such as Spanish, Portuguese & Italian will have to be part of my next steps.

      I could have never imagined the love and happiness I feel by connecting with people all over the globe!

      And I feel that till now, I have a soft spot for many European countries.

      Much love to you, too
      Iro :) xoxo