Fractions of everyday life bathed in s i l v e r light { Inspiration Friday }

For this Inspiration Friday, instead of diptychs & collages put together from the world of Pinterest,

there are some made from my own pictures, 

shot while still here in the beautiful home of photo stylist Paulina Arcklin,

located somewhere pretty, close to the heart of Amsterdam.

Shots highlighting fractions of everyday life

bathed mostly in silver light.

 I thought it's about time I said a proper hello & good morning...


h e l l o, g o o d   m o r n i n g  and the most wonderful of Fridays

and weekends ahead!

I've been  h e r e  since 2 weeks now.

It has been a magnificent  emotional exercise,

shining plenty of light to both my heart & mind.

I have come to the conclusion

that when ones invests in getting to know themselves,

finding out who the person standing in front of the mirror is,

recognizing & accepting their characters' blessings & shortcomings,

one can only but eventually succeed.

Succeed in living a life not only close to their dreams,

but a  l i f e   l i v e d   I N  t h e i r   d r e a m s .

I'd like to thank you for being patient & outstandingly discrete readers,

respecting my wish to share only according

to my choices.

Sometimes saying more, others less.

This is the way that I prefer to blog,

this is the way that suits me.

My blog for me is like chapters of a book.

I like books to be written in a traditional way,

quietly, effortlessly, coming straight out 

from the depths of us,

as words emerge describing thoughts and emotions

following experiences.

Those who still read books

might appreciate the whole thing it stands for:

t a k i n g   t i m e  to live & comprehend life.

Here are some glimpses into my current everyday life...

I'm literally chasing light with my camera,

loving to capture it, even if the environment is not properly & perfectly styled

as if for a photo shoot.

I'm spending time both indoors, playing with styling props

and outside walking kilometers per day,

exploring, discovering, enjoying

the canals, neighborhoods, parks,

occasionally also visiting some shops

or cafes...

above my "princess" sandals sunbathing


the perfect hairbands suiting my wardrobe

recently found at h&m,

together with a pair of tea towels

to be brought to my most favorite kitchen in the world...

and a lovely stamp from HEMA,

which was patiently waiting in the "as is section"

for a new happy user, for the exchange of €1 at the cash desk

I traveled only with hand luggage,

despite this being almost a 3 week trip,

in my effort to practice living with less,

while being blessed with more than enough.

Currently white, black, navy blue & powder pink are the main colors of my Spring & summer closet,

with clothes mostly from Mango, Zara & h&m,

bought on line or during trips

I have been going to 

together with my life partner.

self portraits in a rather usual mood,

featuring my ever favorite silver cardigan from Mango,

happily now completing 10 years of living together,

having survived hundreds of washing adventures

& traveling around the world

a corner of the living room here I love to photograph


my current daily journal from Muji dressed in the same wallpaper that covers

the main living room wall at home in Germany

this capitone, large, jean shopper from Mango had been on my wish list

for about a year before it arrived my way.

A good choice all in all

finding my favorite cereal brand in the local super market for a great price

has been a good thing.

Also getting familiar with the philanthropic concept supported

by Stella - Marie water,

to which I  was attracted to thanks to its design matching my tastes.

here is my reflection on the building opposite where I'm staying

and something very common while I'm snacking or putting together a light meal:

dark bread with seeds  - ruccola  - ham variety

last Monday I made a record of walking for 7 hours,

with a stop here for lunch,

multiple stops for photographing corners

& others visiting shops.

I'm sporting going grocery shopping using only but my own

shopping bags.

My favorite: the large cotton one, from one of the first h&m home's collections.

As for a favorite car, there is something about a silver, vintage Porsche,

sitting at the end of a canal like Princengracht,

that just captures my attention...

... wishes for surrounding yourselves with beautiful light, too

wherever we are, whatever our current life occasion,

L i g h t  is always there,

we just have to l o o k  for it

Photography & collage curation by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2013
{all rights reserved }


  1. "L i g h t is always there, we just have to l o o k for it". Yes! And as you have expertly demonstrated here what amazing things can happen when you chase it. I could feel your hunger for the light in these wonderful images. A magical result.

    Thank you for this inspiration!

    I am in love with your princess sandals :)


  2. Holly,

    thank you so much for bringing so much freshness & joy with your comment here! It sure is precious to be appreciated by friends like you.

    The princess sandals* feel quite happy you like them and say they love you back just as much :)

    *perhaps there are some pairs left in the princess section of h&m ; )
    [h&m - sale - damen - shuhe - flach ]

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