waking up in the middle of nowhere...

waking up in the middle of Mallorca...

on a foggy morning...

olive tree fields covered in a light, airy sheet

soon to dissolve, revealing magnificent views

absolute silence

just some waking birds tweeting 

the clouds moving peacefully into one of a kind formations,

instant pieces of art that the wind will 

take with "him"

minds free of constraints


the wonders of existence 


beautiful days, seemingly endless, as if  e t e r n i t y was written

with every breath being taken,

beautiful days marking 

a fall to cherish for sure


one can hear so much when in  s i l e n c e 

yet the trip to bearing  it at the beginning is challenging


can you bear the silence?

do you enjoy it ? 

and do you also perhaps see a heart shaped in the sky?

H a p p y  T h u r s d a y !


Photography / accompanied words by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for J&I Travelling Stories 2013
{all rights reserved }