I love being here ~

Hello there!
I hope and I'd love to be posting again regularly soon
...eight weeks have passed
...I could have never imagined
...I allowed myself to take all the time that is needed, without constrictions
...hoping that this way what really comes from the heart would reveal itself to me.

I LOVE BEING HERE...and no, I'm not shouting, I'm just emphasizing how much and deep from the heart this comes.
I think it's wonderful to have a place of ours somewhere in a corner of this vast online world, which seems to be much bigger than the actual world itself!

Sure there are good and bad things about it. It's up to us to make the best out of it.
In my case, I feel really, really sad to have almost reached to the point of depriving myself of something that I enjoy and love so much to do.

Writing, sharing pictures, thoughts, moments of life, inspiration, and feeling connectivity in our world, which is so very, very precious. I guess I instinctively started to keep a blog for this reason. Also to offer am immediate window to my life for my family back in Greece since I relocated in Germany.

But the main reason that I wish to be here is because it makes me happy, it brings me pleasure and it is an enormous outlet to my creative side. This time though, I'm here for pleasing moslty  the one person I seem to have been neglecting: myself.

Things have cleared. I know what I like about the whole issue and what I don't. And I intend to remain true to my values, this not meaning that I'll show any stubborness and refuse to adjust to something new if this a positive thing to do.

I'm keeping my values, examining the effectiveness of my ways and being open to discovering more about the issues that interest me and make my heart skip, my mind fire and my soul sooth.

To be taken by darkness is sometimes a neccessary phase of our lives, but we'd better watch out that this is exactly what it is: a phase.

 There will always be situations that challenge us. This is life, manifesting itself. And, in all off them, there will be always two parties involved. Ourselves and the others. And we will be both right and wrong at the same time. And so long as we take sides and separate ourselves from the rest of the world, there will always be troubles.

....have had enough troubles....and there will certainly come new ones. I've made a choice though. To be here speaking my part of the truth, while cherishing, feeling grateful, recognising grace and working for the happy part of this voyage.

This is to a HAPPY VOYAGE...and I'd love it if you came along. I hope you to be inspired here, to find the strength to face these naughty weeds in your personality gardens,  to recognise them as also part of you and who you are. And move along to cultivating the exact unique trees and flowers that each of us is meant to be.

Sometimes a few weeks feel like forever ~

...and I reckon love is all about having the courage ~ xx

P.S: {have been playing a little with logos as you can see. If you'd like, do tell me your opinion. It's been a while I'm away and a warm up would be nice. Thank's dears. Have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!}


  1. YAY..... Ivy`s back :)
    Hope you had a lovely christmas & New Year sweetie...

  2. Hooray! So glad to have you and this little gem of the web back!! Love your new banner...it looks fresh and whimsical...wonderful graphics!! Talk to you soon (properly)!

  3. Thank you SO much for the warm up and welcoming.
    ...been away quite long [as if you hadn't noticed] and since a little while I've been befriending myself with Mr Internet again. It will be a time till all runs smoohtly, but I'm positive it's worth the effort.

    Have a great weekend Anna [looking forward!] and Natalie funny girl!

  4. Wow that was a loooong break. But glad to see you are alive and well :) I really must spend more time out and away from Mr Computer too... ooo a day out at IKEA tomorrow :)

  5. What a beautiful post Ivy! And what a beautiful new header! I love it, it's so sweet and playful!!!

  6. How wonderful to see you back here and in good spirits! I'm so excited for you that you're back to doing what you love and to what makes you happy. I love the redesigned header, it suits you.

  7. that surely was a long break...but i am certain, you needed it. so, i am glad, you are back!

    btw. if it's okay for you, i'd like to meet someday. since we both living in the same area it'll be nice to catch up some time, don 't you think?

  8. Welcome back Ivy !!
    And Happy Voyage !! ;)
    I like the new banner. I liked the previous one but this one is maybe a little bit more modern and less shabby chic.
    Take care,

  9. Very creative and beautiful way to Love! It's always a special moment in my online world to read about you and your view on life. Take care and have a beautiful day dear Ivy!

  10. The 8 weeks feels like 8 months to us! Welcome back here. And, we like your blog redo! Always your fans,
    ViVi and Vanessa

  11. welcome back! that's such a cute post, do whatever makes you happy right? :)

  12. Dear friends,

    thank you so much for all things lovely that you've written while coming here. It makes me really happy! I'm doing quite well, have been on a short trip since about a week and will be returning in a couple of days.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you here!

    It's so great to know that you've been enjoying the posts that these fingers have been typing in their effort to bring to words what goes on in my mind, heart & soul.

    Warm regards!
    Take care,
    Iro {Ivy}

    P.S: Amanda, yes I think that's a great idea. We'll be in touch, thank's for asking :)

  13. Ivy, Flickr is just not the same without you....hope all is well....are you still in Germany at the same address?? Take care my dear and love to you as always.

  14. i really love your pictures and blog....
    emma from france