Untitled...or just talking to myself ;)

...I have to remind myself of that
Hey...it's been weeks I've been wanting to return to writing and posting,
yet, finding the right way to do so seems almost impossible.

I honestly don't know where to start from,
so in order to warm up the ground and stop being shy of appearing in my very own place,
I decided to function completely spontaneously...
 so here I am, browsing through Etsy since a while
 (after my morning German language courses are finished)
and came across this print, which I have for long loved
and thought it's a good idea to share it here.

I have the feeling that it will take a lot of time to recover my presence around the web,
but then again life surprises us often.

Btw, maybe it's a good opportunity to let you know the etsy shop is open again.
With easter approaching, I think that this would make a lovely choice for a kitchen, don't you?

Print by groundwork via etsy

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