~ about calming spaces & the power of words

...hello from Greece...or else one of the most beautiful countries in the world, 
the economy and society of which are rapidly falling apart.
Just a few seconds in front of the t.v screen is enough for insecurity 
& frustrating emotions to occur.

...being hardly a t.v type {there is no t.v set currently at our home in Germany}
I quickly found my way here to my online journal,
or else my visual & spiritual sanctuary.

Coming here at Apart 44 is certainly wonderful, still the first hours are rather difficult, as there needs to be an adjustment made from being mostly on my own to being together with my parents, in what is relatively a small residence of 82sm.

I have no worries though that I' ll adjust quite soon. 
In the meantime, I thought of putting together a post with some of my favorite recent pictures,
all of which bring a sense of calmness & mostly desired tranquillity...

~ pretty spaces
~ soft greys
~ beautiful materials
~ just the necessary 
~ but amazingly beautiful objects

speaking of which, have you recently seen a press papier {paperweight}
more brilliant and elegant than {this} one?

Our favorite flavour of the month,
a vanilla ice cream, all made from striking white marble
and a chromed brass stick carrying the initials:
standing for "Greece is for lovers"
an inspiring Design firm, 
which has since a couple of years,
 won the hearts and impressions all around the world.
Visit their site {here} and on line shop {here},
 to see all their collection, cleverly playing with humour.

As for serene, calming places & spaces,
the pictures below are recently pinned in my Pinterest moodboards.

~ and among all these a brilliant press papier
which could be easily resting on a pile of papers
 in any elegant Parisian or modern Scandinavian apartment...

~ what do you think dear all?...
~ as for me:

"Oh Paris, I definetly je t'adore,
and my dear home country I adore you, too
still I'm intensily glad that at the moment I 'm not a permanent resident of  yours.

I'd like to come back with overflowing pockets and a lovely family to possibly set a summer house here.
Till then, I have lots and LOTS OF work to do."

...to all the readers of this blog, from Germany to England, to France to the Netherlands, to the USA, to Asia and back to Greece, wishing you all a spendid day!

...please remember the Power Words carry {especially Positive Affirmations}
and take a minute to watch {this}

....it's a beautiful day today and most of us CAN see it...
let's make good use of it...
...let's help ourselves and others in need.


  1. Welcome!
    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Wonderful post. I'm happy you are in Greece to soak up the sun, let the wind play with your hair and the salty ocean water for rejuvenation. I'm happy you are spending time with you're family and friends.

    Thank you for sharing that video. It really is all about how one says things.