~ colour my mood in light grey, minty green & aqua

Hello there :)
Happy Sunday and a very happy & joyful first of May to you all!
I know that these pictures are not exactly linked to flowers and everything that this celebration is about, but still, being a rather spontaneous person, I like keeping also this place here adjusted to this characterisitc of my personality.

So, instead, I'm sharing some favorite pictures from my Pinterest inspirational boards and am colouring my mood this morning in light grey, soft minty greens and everything aqua!

Despite me having quite a lot to share here, I'll keep this post focused just on the colour inspiration above and direct you to each picture, starting from top to bottom:

1~ collage of three created from these pictures:

4 ~ "Breathe away and I'm yours" or else the loveliest illustrated elephant,
part of a gorgeous diptych  you can find here

5 ~ and a second version of the first collage, adding a few more details, with inspiration found in my Grey Love & Aqua love pinterest moodboards.

...really like how it turned out, still the fist, more minimalistic outcome suits me better.
What about you? Which collage of the two do you prefer?

...enjoy your day and catch up with you later here sharing more news from my recent days!

~ xxx :)


  1. Hello there! And happy May to you too =)

    Lovely inspiration for the weekend. As for the boards, I prefer the second one. Of course both are exquisite, I just feel the second has more depth.


  2. Hello Pretty you :) always' a pleasure to come and visit you here, i too love the light grey, minty green & aqua some of my favorite colors and when put together are just a dream :)
    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend..
    Natalie xoxo

  3. So glad you girls like the colour pallete and moodboards! Thank you both for coming over and sharing lovely comments and your views! xx