~ smily guten Morgen :)

oh dears! Good morning & wishes for a wonderful new week ahead :)

I figured out it might take me too long to write a proper post today, 
since I have been lately quite happily busy in our sunny {Home Studio}...

and then thought that it doesn't actually matter...
I can come here with just a little picture and a huge smile to share my wishes with you!
so this exactly I'm doing:
: D

Happy Monday & happy 4th of July to all American friends!

...and till I return later, how about you sharing how has your weekend been?

Here is my list of what I've been engaging into since this Friday 1st of July:

~ gardening in our little veranda
~ organising, refreshing, redecorating
~ magazine & book reading
~ paper boat garland making
~ styling & photographing
~ working on the etsy shop
 ~ preparing orders
~ welcoming new clients here in our Home studio {finally yes!}
~ planning a little short trip to a Greek island anytime soon
~ preparing a little girls' meeting over for chats & inspiration
~ and of course household chores,
 which seem much more pleasant in a welltaken care off environment ; )

pictures in the next post...

have a marvelous day! ~

Photo credit: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for {New Ivy Style} Home Decor Shop on Etsy
Styling materials used: white plastic frame: Ikea / glass jar: upcycled / wooden pencils: from a local shop / heart of wire: handmade by me



  1. Your weekend sounds very industrious! It was beautiful weather in Edinburgh for a change and I went for a long cycle along the coast - it was lovely :)
    I love your photograph here, how do you make pencils looks so beautiful?!

  2. Busy week indedd!I wish you best of luck with your home studio opening :)!
    The photo is simply wonderful, I never thought pencils could be so artistic! They look like a bunch of delicate flowers!