curves + triangles (aujourd' hui j' aime)

well, I'm currently really not supposed to be anywhere else other than corners of {our Cave}, or else our new  medium sized maisonette apartment, performing works of every possible kind all around,

 life happens & online existence & happenings are part of it,
 at least so is the case here...
 there are nice things to share today.

 moreover, it is the first of February & coming to make a 
 "have a nice month!" post here,
 positively energizes my day, rest of the week
 and hopefully yours!

 before elaborating a little on the collage curated above,

 I'd like to ask you - unless you've already done so  ; ) -
 to pass by a few on line places I'm very happy & honored to be part of.

 Natalie - with whom we once held a {lovely give away}
 seems to have a very discrete & low profile on line existence,
 nevertheless her sense of aesthetics,
 color appreciation
her own creations
are very compatible with mine
and I'm very fond of them.

I'm loving lots of her latest creations - which you can find {here} & {there}
I'm absolutely loving {the collage}- a tribute to Grey -
she recently created,
incorporating our {new kitchen corner}

Thank you Natalie!

and then...
{Nina Holst} is one lovely lady & talented stylist from Norway, founder of {Stylizimo},
one whose kind & soft manners
are her equipment for a strong on line existence

Since she "walked" into our shop some months ago,
I cannot help but feeling extremely honored & happy,
that fragments of myself are incorporated in her beautiful house's many rooms,
through pictures & little "sur measure" creations.

Maybe you remember {this post}?
... it's never late to check it out ; )

Today, I get to be guested at her blog
as {this print} of our shop is part of her freshly styled
with a dark cabinet I pretty much adore.

Thank you Nina!


now let me say a few words on the collage above...

curves & triangles

it is rather {evident} that I love geometry in all its expression in interior design,
but mostly of all,
I'm interested in creating spaces that while leaving a strong impact,
they do so gently,
almost magically,
secretly inviting you to return to them again,
even when you don't exactly know why.

there is a certain amount of mystery
created by a play between lines & curves...

believing that happiness lies in finding balance,

the existence of basic shapes in our living environments,
creates a sense of being grounded,
while also being free to take a walk in the clouds.

 happily pointy triangles of a banner much as this blog's logo
or the wallpaper banners {which I so joyfully create}
smooth, gentle & feminine curves found both in furniture and in objects
are features I love.

the collage I curated from recent images found via {pinterest},
represents well all the above.

~>  {this} delightful chair, so fabulously photographed here, 
with weathered leather adding so much to its charm,
is an odd to curves.

~> the {Eiffel tower} is a magnificent example of plasticity in architecture,
combining a powerful three dimensional triangular shape,
while every line is curved & beautifully emphasized by all the circular & semi circular iron details.
I can't get over its beautiful figure as seen through this fairy lightened {blurry image}

~> {that} hand crocheted A shaped dress is consisting of probably countless circles
(btw I spent some memorable teenage summers wearing a very similar dress, 
handmade by my crafty grandmother from my mother's side...
and I might as well try to find it when visiting my parental home in Greece this Spring)

~> last but not least
combines so nicely
wooden blocks,
a fabric banner & a wooden rocking... sheep!

that's also a lovely note to gentleness..
a harmless sheep...
  I might as well be closing this post with that.

enjoy your days 
have a great start to the new month ~
see you here again quite soon ~

thank you for stopping by & sharing love

much love to you, too ~ xoxo


P.S: an important note here: I'm sorry to not be able to properly credit some pictures so wonderful like the Paris one & many others. Pinterest is one amazing platform to create "reachable" dreams but through the 
enormous amount of repining, some original sources seem rather hard to be found.
U p d a t e: just  - 03.02.2012, 22:51 - came across this picture {here}...
so so happy to have found it in this very favorite blog of mine :*)

collage curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos 
picture credit given through the post - please read carefully & click on the {...} 


  1. Love this collaboration! Natalie is a true star!

  2. Oh dear Iro ... How sweet of you to mention me on your beautiful blog =) This is such a lovely surprise after a very hard day.. You are too kind my friend, This is just the lift i needed to brighten up my evening. And i have to say i am loving the Paris picture, So dreamy and feminine i must find out who this belongs to, i would love a print for my new living room to be. And Kristy (*Blush*) Thank you too i have the biggest smile right now.
    Wishes for a lovely evening my sweet friends xoxo

  3. you find the most amazing stuff and people iro. have a nice month my dear! xo

  4. Good morning Iro! I loved reading this post for this particular reason: "I'm interested in creating spaces that while leaving a strong impact, they do so gently, almost magically, secretly inviting you to return to them again, even when you don't exactly know why." When I read these words of yours I thought yes, that is not only what you are interested in, but it is exactly what you do! And I can really say this because I have had the pleasure of seeing your space creations in real life - at "the penthouse", and I'm certain you will achieve the same result with "the cave". Plus, you do this with your online space too. You are an extremely talented designer/stylist and I am so happy to know you :)

    Ok..enough sentimentality, heehee. On a more practical note, I agree with the sourcing problem with pinterest. I must admit, I myself am guilty of not properly sourcing my finds ... usually by mistake. For example (and most usually, this is my problem), I don't realize that the address I'm pinning from is a blog's home address instead of the actual post and then when I go to look back for a pin I can't find it because I simply cannot go back through all the posts to find it. I try to be careful about that, but sometimes I get so excited about a pin that I forget to check that the address is right. It's tricky business :)

    Happy February to you too and thank you for your lovely collage Xx.

  5. ... and now I just stumbled upon this post:


    ... also expressing triangle love! Thought you might like to have a look :)