talent, communication, acceptance & shades of blue ~

crystal clear blue, turquoise, baby blue and all the possible shades one can find
captured in the sky and the sea,
are actually colors I grew up with, being born, raised and having lived for 33 years of my life

while strolling in the corridors of inspiring Internet places,
like Pinterest and favorite blogs,
I kept noticing that these past few days,
I'm drawn to these shades...

it must have all started with Desire (Dees) from Vosges Paris,
who has styled her freshly redesigned and renovated apartment with splashes of blue shades,
paired with an energizing green from plants, like aloe veras and cactus. 

The fact that she has spent time in Greece, visiting islands and in fact being totally in love with 
the whole story is manifesting in the effortless way she incorporates blue in her pretty city apartment in Amsterdam.

She currently has two places where blue flourishes in all its freshness:

her corridor, where the picture wall step by step and in time evolves around the poster from Santorini, admittedly one of the most magical places on earth...

and her entrance, where selectively cut images from magazines... 

and favorite magazines with accordingly colored covers, are resting as if nothing planned has happened...

The art of stylism has really been fascinating me since the very first decoration magazines,
which fell on my lap, already some 20 years ago 
(Gosh I shouldn't be mentioning things like that!)

and what has recently been fascinating me is that a lot, if probably not most of the
super talented stylists and interior designers are ones who haven't actually formally attended a relevant school, college or university.

Instead, the love for creating aesthetically beautiful environments is something that seems to have always been part of them, 
mostly being expressed in the way they bring together their own homes.

There are of course those who refine and evolve their talent by studying further.
Or ones who combined a natural inclination with studies.

Everything will do... but before all there seems to be a prerequisite:


I'd like to ramble a bit about its notion,
sharing some thoughts, while hearing from you,
that is if you actually have the patience and time to go through all this post!
a cup of tea + something nice to chew on are good companions ; )

So my dears,
talent seems in my eyes to be something very natural,
an inclination to something since the very early years,
something that one practices in his/ her life
with exactly the same enthusiasm whether financial profit is involved or not.

something that evolves with time, investing effort in practicing it,
something that sources from a very clear part of ourselves.

Talent is not a hobby, still one can practice his/ her talent as a hobby.
The happiest occasion occurs - both for the individual himself / herself and the community -
when people can support their lives practicing their talents.

Or when it is all right for them to perform another job they like, love or simply find beneficial enough,
while devoting their free time in their talent.

Talent is something that mostly makes others who encounter it feel at extreme ease,
rather than been just astonished,
something that provokes thinking as much as an instant celebration in one' s heart.

Talent can take countless forms!

                                             Talent is something much more common than rare,                                                                
         as there must be as many hidden talents in each and every person as there are people on earth.

Talent provokes admiration rather than envy,
and somehow enriches the lives of those who encounter it.

When talented people cross our lives it' s like a celebration,
one we feel part of without caring about our own current status quo.

Talent could be resembled with a stream of crystal clear water running down a natural source...

The matter seems to be: who is going to conform with his/ her natural inclinations...
who will invest his / her life in becoming the nicest oak tree 
he / she could ever be for example...

Modern societies could be suffering from too many problematic identity
cases, as so often beautiful lemon trees wish to have been born as let's say coconut trees,
and even worse, there is often time, effort and money invested in becoming something else.

I must make a "little" parenthesis here to refer to the by all means
super loving and caring Greek parent, who often "sacrifice" for their child
in order to send them to college, quite possibly also having picked the subject
or "kindly" reinforced a certain direction...

Seems that doctors, lawyers, professors of all kind and scientists
are all Greece needs...
one must wonder...

And I can't forget the years I was working with teenagers & children,
teaching English, while also applying my psychology insight...

Parents going crazy that their son was lazy and a "bad" student cause well,
grades in history and maths were rather horrible.

who cares if this person was already more grown up than expected in his teenage years,
 completely able of doing amazing handwork,
or show responsibility when working part time.

If only parents could keep a connection to their own childhood years,
rather than abruptly upgrade to an "adult",
how much more wonderful, trouble free and neurosis free this modern world would be?

{here comes the parenthesis closure btw}

Happiness and success are with hardly any doubt lying in:

- hard work, 
- planning, 
- decision and action.

Still it seems that for all those to come in a normal, non violent, long lasting and effective way,
there needs to be acceptance,
a deeply felt acceptance and digestion of one's past,
present and future aspirations.

A happy merge of them. A colorful salad,
where the dressing doesn't cover the ingredients' taste.

Purity. Clarity. Honesty. Vision. Love.


well, there you go, after some time since {the last one},  a life awareness post has just been written,
one I' m sure I'll be wondering how it ever came to life and where did all these words come from.

I can thank the communicative power turquoise and shades of blue carry...
and remind myself of these absolutely beautiful creative moments in our 
previous home residence,
which is still so often getting asked to be published,
while it is expected to be in April's issue of Casa Facile.
{ a little preview + some lovely Italian... gossiping to read here ;) }

The beautiful picture opening this post is courtesy of Mindy Gayer
whose work I recently stumbled up on, only to fall in love...
with the work itself, the way it is presented & the kind, talented person behind it.

oh... not to forget, talent somehow also seems to carry an element of kindness
and certainty, a quiet strength in the most non aggressive ways...


sprinkling some love to you, through the dance of these characters typed here
and wishing you one lovely day ahead!

lots in my plate, as you probably know, both in the positive + difficulty spectrum,
so I'd better proceed with the day.

which ever project mentioned here recently, might temporarily appear paused is only cause,
life is also about knowing when to recalculate, re access and act accordingly.

till next time,
good thoughts + much positive energy + above a little peek into the new studio and work being done there

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

Credits 1st picture: Mindy Gayer2nd, 3rd, 4rth dyptich & 5th picture:  Desire for Vosges Paris + Ikea Family Live6th, 7th & 8th picture:  Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos 


  1. Wonderful pics you´re treating us with today - that first one was so gorgeous I can´t find words! :-)

    1. Hello Tina, happy you felt treated here today. I'm loving the image myself so much. Lot of class, calmness + energy at the same time, with a feeling that somehow all this is approachable. And then, a little eye candy to go with a long post is always a good idea to bring some balance ;)

      Thank you for you visit. Enjoy Easter Holidays! xx

  2. an amazing post chica ... your use of words is undoubtedly another talent of yours & the post says it perfectly. Whilst talent is natural you do have to work at it & it's not something that appears over night. xx

    1. Thank you for reading dear Laura and yes, I so agree with all you point out, too. And then so many kind thanks for your wonderful compliment. You are very generous and wonderfully talented yourself, xo

  3. What a wonderful post, I enjoyed reading every single word of it. You are so right. I'm also of the opinion that talent has been underestimated during the last many years and thanks to the internet, thanks to blogging and thanks to people like you who are able to find the words and expressions to present and analyze a topic like that, the very important subject talent is on its way to become more and more significant in our lives. The world and every single society will be so much richer recognizing the fact that talent is the motor of growth.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinion.

    Have a great easter.

    P.S.: I love all of your pictures in the post and you are definitely talented in finding the perfect combination of words and pictures.

    1. Liebe Frau Schmitt, how nice to read you comment! Thank you for everything and I'm really happy you are also seeing things this way. Talent should certainly not be overestimated, but under no condition should it be underestimated or diminished either. It's a combination of a blessing, acceptance of it and then lots of effort, patience, devotion and time.

      Hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter! Ganz liebe Grüße, xo

  4. I agree which Laura, you do have quite a talent with words as well. Great post! Lots to reflect on.

    I love your thoughts about talent. A funny thing happened though as I was reading those thoughts (before the parentheses). I somehow felt inclined to replace the word talent with "art". Only because somehow, it also fit. I don't know what this means, but it's just an observation I wanted to share :)

    Congrats on the feature in Casa facile!! Love the images and the little floor plan!

    Wishing you many more inspiring "blue" moods

    1. Thank you Holly my dear, both for you warm comments and your always precious contribution and insight. I'd say that talent is a prerequisite in order to perform art, but perhaps the whole world would revolt... ;)

      Wishing you lovely days ahead, with the freshness "blue" carries if it suits you.

      Take care, xo

  5. I realize only now that the photos by Ilaria Chiaratti for CasaFacile are taken in your home!
    I'm a great CasaFacile's fan! Wow, I will see you on the April's number!

    1. Hello dear Lallabel,this has been our previous home ;) Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely time during Easter!

  6. ooo, loveyly photos. loving the touch of turquoise
    x kat

  7. Happy Easter! Hugs form Me!

  8. I love the photo!I love blue

  9. Wait, I'm sorry but did I misunderstand something or is that you in the first picture? How fun!

    I love reading your thoughts in your blog posts (when I have the time). I struggle a bit with talent. I agree with what you say that there is nothing more inspiring than working with or being around people who are talented. But I also think, that as the world has grown smaller (and especially with all the blogs) so many people don't feel that they have a talent, simply because they are not "the best" at that specific thing.
    Does that mean that they are less talented then? Or that they don't have a talent?

    I think it doesn't, but I do think, that in our competitive and materialistic society it is very difficult for many people to find, develop and live off their talents. I hope more people find out what it is they love doing or dare to go for their dreams. Even if it doesn't turn out to be a massive success I bet they will feel much more satisfied with themselves and with life.

    On the other hand it is fantastic to be able to follow so any talented people in the blog world who create, produce and invent all the time. I am in awe of all you wonderful people. Thank you for sharing Iro and hope you had a lovely Easter break.

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