In August... in Love...

Saying h e l l o from sunny Amsterdam my dear readers & friends,

wishing everyone a 

h a p p y   n e w   m o n t h   ahead,

packed with loads of  

L O V E !

I'm using as my current, temporary residence the charming home of

amazing photo stylist Paulina Arcklin,

while she's busy preparing more and more spectacular work for her clients

and organizing photo workshops.

In case you are anywhere near Helsinki on the 9th & 10th

of August, participating would be great!

Perhaps there is still a spot or two left open.

Find out more h e r e

Being literally in a styling props p a r a d i s e

and having the ok to go ahead and play around,

I put together vignettes to make me feel  a t   h o m e .

Everything has been found here, except the  b u t t e r f l y  brooch,

 a Christmas present to me from a dear friend living in Canada

and my beloved white i-phone,

a present given to me from the person I love, to celebrate 

a good four digit contract I had signed.

{ now five, six & seven digit contracts you are welcome my ways  :) }

The "h o m e " sign is made by me,

reminding that one's home lives in one's heart.

I carry my beloved  G e r m a n   h o m e  wherever I am,

till we meet again.

Know that everything in my life has been evolving in the

most proper, smoothest & wonderful of ways.

I'm loved back as much as I love,

feeling thankful & grateful for all blessings in my life.

And wish you all the very same!

.... more posts soon to come,

till then, have the loveliest of days!


  1. Fabulous! This Amsterdam opportunity seems wonderful, I'm sure you are enjoying yourself. Big hugs to you my friend xoxoxoxox

  2. I'm so happy for you, dear Iro. This sounds like a wonderful door has opened for you.
    Wishing you all the best and enjoy Amsterdam!

  3. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words!
    Amsterdam is indeed a favorite place of mine, so being here is wonderful.
    It's time for opening doors in the most proper of ways to the right & forward directions.

    Wishing you all a great month ahead!

  4. Dear Iro,
    it's good to see you moving on! I am glad, that you have a place to stay that not only offers you shelter but also inspiration and the possibility to create.
    I have been very busy with the kids at home plus my client from the States who will be leaving tomorrow.
    Today it's back to school time in Berlin. That means: I have my mornings back all to myself - bliss!
    Have a great August, my dear friend!
    xoxo Imke

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