happily ever after ~

...on a day where pictures of the royal wedding are found all around the web,
I almost feel compeled to mention something relating to it.

...did not watch it {we have no t.v}
...saw pictures of it though,
...and found HER extremely beautiful, sweet, elegant and quite simple.
Adored her dress but mostly her inner glowing.

And then I came across the picture above with its inviting warmth...
just lovely!

...hope you've had a lovely Friday watching THE wedding or not
{perhaps even attending it or not;)}

...had a very communicative, fun and sweet day with a {second} new person
who jumped out of the screen and landed softly into my reality.

Share, talk & interact more soon...
I need a rest for now my dears...blink - blink...

Have a good night & start in the weekend ~

picture credit: pinterest