Ida & Ivy in Frankfurt

hello & happy Friday everyone!
does it feel good to post here a second day in the row, 
after a seemingly long time...

big smiles for that : D
how are you?

well, as one picture says 1000 words,
could it be that you have already figured out by now,
of this blog "dissappeared" since the past 
few days?

this lovely lady with the bright smile,
who is checking the life view while I was trying to make
decent pictures of us focusing automatically,
{the camera was somehow convinced 
that the focus should always be on the handwriting of the mirrors!}
has been hanging around our {little, beloved home} for the past couple of days.

Actually, we got to stay together and enjoy each other's company for four days,
her being my honoured guest,
while working on a common project for {Casa Facile},
the Italian interior design/decoration magazine she works for on a freelance basis.

{Ida} is the second name of Ilaria, an extremely creative person
who adores what she does, whether it is {crocheting},

This time, she came to photograph our living space,
while I was taking care of the styling.
Being herself very sensitive and talented in this domain
it was great exchanging ideas and tips!

Unless you have been following this blog for a few months at least,
you might not know how the two of us have met.
So here is a summary of our story:

 we have been knowing each other virtually through our blogs
{Ida Interior Lifestyle}, the flickr group Ilaria takes care off
as if it was her favorite garden, 
{and to which I also gladly contribute}

This June we also met each other in person, 
when we both joined {Meet the blogger} event.
we had the chance to hang out together,
visiting some awesome vintage shops,
{I still haven't found the time to post about!}

next day,
as my partner and I were driving back from Amsterdam to Frankfurt,
we made a stop to Eindhoven and visited her 
spending a great time with her and her husband.

Now back to current times... 
a few pictures from our visit in Frankfurt this Tuesday,
before she departed boarding an afternoon train back to the Netherlands...

delicious antipasti lunch or else:  a tomato +  mozzarella + pesto panini

... at the stylsih benches of {this} fabulous cafe, in one of Frankfurt's favorite
Here, in the {Altstadt}, around the Weißadlergasse,
the one cafe is more stylish than the other
what is more fabulous is the fact that there is a mixture and variety of styles,
so every taste can be satisfied.

{Cafe Bar Roselli} is situated next to {Korres},
a brilliant Greek cosmetics company, 
well known from Athens, to Paris, to New York
to a few dozins of cities all around Europe and actually the whole world.

we "landed" here, Ida in her striped skirt
and me in my bell bottom jeans,
carrying my {black trechcoat} inside out,
so that its gigantic dots match nicely with the stripes,

I know, I know, it is a tiny detail, 
probably even crazy to mention it,
but we both couldn't help noticing how nicely they work together!

and then I couldn't help noticing how the weathered green of her leather boots,
matched nicely with the elegant {despite its huge size!} shopping bag,
I had just purchased from {Kontrast},
wisely spending €3 so that I carried the day's small {but then oh! so delightful shopping}
in a practical and stylish manner.

Of course, my {jean + camel leather Fabric & Handle bag} is accompanying me alsmost everywhere

what I seemed to surprisigly love about a lunch break in this area of Frankfurt
is the mix of people:

lots of stylish women with a rather personal approach to the whole story of styling and dressing,
among men in grey suits and carefully polished brown or black leather shoes...

quite an interersting mix...
and then, most people so eager to speak in English as they heard us talk to each other in this language,
rather sabotaging my honest efforts in advancing myself in German...

 even the people at the shoe repair store I visited spoke in admitedly super high level of English.
wow ~ respect!
but then that was so helpful
{ thank's so much in case you are reading these lines ; )}

now my dears, I'll leave you today with this post,
while I prepare the next one, sharing some shots we made during our photoshooting,
much like {these ones} posted yesterday,
letting you into some details of what made this weekend one fabulous one,
{someone got an amazing personalised, handmade present to give you a clue ; )}
while also introducing you to Ilaria's work.

till then ~ be well ~ be you ~ 
discover & chersich the unique person each and every one of you are!



All pictures presented in this post made by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy 2011 [all rights reserved]
Like the "Love mirrors"? ~> check {this} {that} out!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us this special visit. Now we know where to eat if we go to Frankfurt (the sandwich seems delicius!). Keep going with your german studies!

  2. What a lovely post my dear Iro!
    I've been out for some shopping, enjoing this lovely sunny day. I'm so happy about these days that we've spent together..a lot of girly chat, shared opinions and ideas and so much fun! Next time, it will be my pleasure to guest you in my {maybe new!} house.

  3. Oh, what fun!! I am so envious!! I would love to meet both of you in person one day!!

  4. For a long time I have been following both of you and I love you ladies:)

    Happy weekend...

  5. Oh, lovely green boots :) and amazing panini - I just love pesto :) great weekend to both ;)

  6. Oh...wonderful days! Thanks for sharing:)
    Happy weekend!!

  7. Both of your work and stuff :-) collaborate so well!!!
    Ivy, I too love interesting linings.. even if it does not show I feel good and happy inside. :-)

  8. yum to special times with friend .. beauty in images and time shard ~divine