~ moving on...

hello everyone!

 this is just a little glimpse into some of the happenings of the past few days

 fresh flowers, randomly arranged in various recycled bottles - upcycled vases,
 bought together with a lovely person I had as a guest for
 four days, with whom we worked together on
 a little project.

 I'll share more in the next post {already put together}
but before, I just wanted to share
that having enterred a transitional phase 
involving creating and eventually settling in
a new home in the upcoming weeks,
I notice that I'm quite happy when involved in and concentrated on my projects,
and prefer to keep all this process private for now.

I'm off course eager to share "before and afters" in time, 
but as together with being a person who openly posts
I'm also a very private person,
enjoying quality time with myself and loved ones,
not having to comment on our daily life 
is also very important to me

so I hope that you'll be enjoying posts here whenever they take place!
I'm always happy to connect with you
delighted to be reading your caring and encouraging mails
about the movement, taking into consideration
my {past sad feelings} about having to leave the Penthouse...
well, in fact we didn't have to, it has been our choice,
despite not moving to a dream house at the moment.

"Time is a doctor" is what my wise and wonderful in countless ways granny
used to say...
truly, as days flow, I'm coming into good terms with the change
am willing and determined to start writing {and reading} the next chapter of my life

till then, I' ll just share some fragments of these past few days in the next post ; )

take care lovely all ~


  1. Lovely to hear from you and with so much positive energy too! Each chapter to be opened and read with delight! Don't ask me why but am so proud of you, my dear! with tons of love xx

  2. Gorgeous! Looks so fresh and clear. And the bottles are awesome. What kind of bottle is it?


  3. Madhu, you are one of my dearest friends ever. Thank you so much for everything. Lots of love ♥ :)

    Mima hello :)

    these are three different kind of bottles.

    ->On the left, there is a bottle which held a coctail of fresh red fruit juice, purchased in Germany.
    -> The two sqaure ones are a present from a friend in Greece. Though they must have been imported products, as the have the insription: "American Farm school"
    -> The small one is also purchased from a local store and it held bio salad dressing.

    I hope this somehow helps, but I guess any bottles will do the trick ;)

    Kind regards,

  4. wishing you the all the best along this new journey in your life… hugs!!