~ 3 x 3 ...

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope that the title has not... scared you by thinking that today 
there is going to be a maths lessons contacted through
these pages & lines!

just a simple way to share with you
9 favorite things,
one of which is also featuring a favorite number of mine:
3, as my birth month is March,
the third of the year.

a little note in between ~>
in case you are a regular reader and are following these posts
one by one, my apologies for still not having proceeded
with the revelations mentioned in {this post}

everything in their time, as it is often said,
it will be done :)

till then, some recent finds from etsy that I have recently stumpled upon and {loved},
as they put me smoothly into an autumn mood...
unless you live in places like Australia for example,
you are quite possibly in the same mood, right?

these choices today are not part of a {larger collection of 16} as it is usually the case,
but just a little company of 9 items,
which would stand nicely
next to one anther,
adding charming details to a relatively minimal room,
with few, selected objets, clean cut lines,
bringing an introduction 
to the change of the season.

to visit each item individually,
starting from top to bottom & left to right,
line by line,
click on the numbers respectively:

hope you are inspired to start redecorating for autumn!

see you soon everyone! 
~ take care 

~ ~ ~

P.S: Collage made by me for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2011 [all rights reserved] using the respective linked pictures of the shops


  1. ha ha...I clicked hoping there would be some Maths loveliness...I'm weird like that ;-)

    Gorgeous selection of faves

    Just so you know, i am weird like that, but it's not why I clicked on...just in case you thought that...;-)

  2. I like it a lot, beautiful collection!

  3. Great to see you like the selection :)
    Sorry for the absence of a Maths lesson, though ;)