friends ~ changes ~ magical places ~

hello everyone!

  back in Frankfurt since yesterday, after a long weekend in Mallorca,
  which begun with a delicious dinner at Sa Farinera* on Friday evening, 
 marking the beginning of our effort to...
   catch up with ourselves
  amongst many changes in our lives.

{* a place we are willing to fly to, just for a dinner!}

secretly wishing for more days,
arriving back in autumn, grayish skies,
has not been exactly ideal after 3 full days & nights
in a summer climate 

still totally grateful for this short escape in paradise...
 not to mention that today, in contrast to yesterday,
 the skies are heavenly blue here
the sun is shining in full strength!

and then, little things, like the huge straw summer bag seen above,
made in Menorca & purchased 
for a rather very fair price
at Porto Colom
your more than wonderful response to the {previous post}
about the story behind our home's
current feature in Ikea Family Live magazine
have been bringing so much happiness around here!

Thank you kindly with all my heart.

 a small but important parenthesis here:

I'm a very strong believer
that it is through life's happy occasions that real friendship evolves
and know through personal experience
that real friends, good friends, potential friends
are there to say a positive word & to tap gently on our shoulder
when good things happen.

not that good friends do not stand by our difficult times,
but that strength of both a person & a relationship is determined
by the ability of one
to congratulate someone in his/her smaller or bigger happy moments
and share them disregarding their current state

can you think of anything more magnificent
that somebody's smile to be able to bring a smile on your face, too?

I see you smiling with me and this makes our relationship
through these lines strong

we are consciously part of the same circle,
bringing together our similarities & differences

I thank you so much for that 
& deeply appreciate your support and friendship 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

now, back to the weekend...
would you perhaps like to see which our favorite place to swim was?
if you are expecting sandy beaches, then you guessed wrong {!}

not that we have anything against beautiful white or golden sand,
{ we actually visited various such places, too}
but just that the clarity of the water is our number one criteria
for deciding where to swim
during a high season, being among hundreds of other people
is not our idea of relaxation

so, we chose alternatively
rocky places,
with crystal clear waters...

few people,
concentrating on swimming,
rather than lying on the beach...

pure magic

swimming is for me as natural as walking,
with my mother having "thrown" me in the sea water
while I was still 3 months old...
how thankful I am for that!

cannot imagine of any other exercise
benefiting all parts of the body
enhancing our psychological & mental state

perhaps yoga... 

Mallorca offers numerous places for swimming

and its nature is almost identical to the one of Greece.

and I'm not only talking about the Greek islands,
but also dreamy places and beaches in a range of maximun 100 km
around Athens...
still, one as a tourist needs "insider tips" to know where to go
to discover paradise just next to a city like Athens.
{I'll have to see what I can do in the future about that!}

In the meantime,

here is a list of the places we visited on the East side of the Mallorcian coast,
while driving the brand new, Citroen C3 we had rented...

{a smiley detail: we were upgraded to such a car, despite having chosen
a lower class so as to save money, due to my partner's birthday being the same date
with the girl who was arranging our papers. Just love when people think and act outside the box!}

so, with our base being in Calles de Mallorca,
these are the places visited:

 ~ Porto Christo
 ~ S'Illot {where the pictures are taken}
~ Costa de Pins
~ Capdepera
~ Portocolom
~ Cala Figuera
~ Montrago
~ Colonia de Sant Jordi
 ~ Llucmallor
~ Palma de Mallorca

you can imagine that I'd love to spend hours and hours going through our pictures,
choosing favorites and working on them,
sharing them with you...
I'm actually looking forward to choosing a few more favorites!

still, with:

1. the procedures of having our current home rented,
which you can check {here}
 and the demand being already quite big,
not to mention the interest expressed in
purchasing the whole interior {!}, 
which is perhaps not exactly possible,
 but then so very extremely flattering for me & my work!
I'll gladly offer my services as an interiors consultant : )

2. organizing a movement 

3.  deciding on technicians
who are going to help us make the new place a home,

you can also imagine that all these, together with 

4. working for {our shop},

5. moving on with {this} styling & photography project,
as {yes!} I have been chosen to proceed with the work,

6. and a few other side projects 

are keeping me busy as a bee in Spring!

~ ~ ~

So, my dears, there is already a next post prepared,
dedicated to something I 'm so content to 
be finally sharing with and presenting to you

and below is a clue...

see you later tonight ~ enjoy your days!



  1. It looks divine, I´d like to see it for myself one day. :-)

  2. Hi! I just found your blog s few weeks ago, and I love it! I'm from Mallorca, and I 'm very happy that you enjoyed your holidays here! I lively's near t'he area that you have been staying, and your pictures are great!

  3. what to say...I was born there (in Palma) and go sometimes. This summer I was there for a few weeks. Anytime is good to visit, the weather is good all year around (not to swim but somer courageos people from the north does it!) You can find many town celebrations in december, you will be alone with the locals!

    LOVE your view and your pictures!

  4. Thank you for the sunshine through your pictures to this very rainy afternoon here by a small lake.

  5. loved your post and I must say I completely share your passion for swimming, even though I was unfotunately born really far away from the sea.. but anyways :)
    and the first picture? so typical of the wonderful designer in you, love all the items put together and the light and.. everything :)
    all the best, my dear!

  6. Thank you all so much for stopping by, reading the post and writing your comments.
    Reading them is a bliss for me!

    Aina, Caty, perhaps once we can meet up there :)

    Anna Emilia, discovering your gorgeous, tender work has been one of this week's highlights. Thank you so much for coming on board :)

    Beloved little fairy girl, lovely to "see" you around here! All my best to you, too. xo