~ finding the light within us

so my dears, I wished to post last evening,
sharing with you a favorite project,
still I did not.

you  do know these lines and you as readers and friends are very important,
 {I don't even  think I need to mention that}
still family members &  matters
come always first
and last evening turned out to be such a one

there are quite positive aspects taking place,
finding the right technicians to work with
in our new place and
 time was taken just to let everything settle in ...
so many changes... 

then, as strange as it might sound, respect to you & my work put on this blog
is shown by offerring nothing less than the best I can each time,

and my best is to come here and post 
being totally conneted to myself,
much like now

I imagine that if such a quality would be a product,
it would be a very expensive one ; )


so, let me proceed to connetcting this post with the picture above,
which you may also see "live" {here}

from time to time there arrive mails,
 asking what do I do and manage to take pictures like that
with the main question being,
what is the issue with the light?
is it natural?
what settings are used?

so this post is made as a reference,
in order to share some facts and toughts with you

So here we go:

~ the light in my pictures is always natural, slightly enhanced in post processing,

~ the current equipment used are:

 a Sony A300 DSLR camera 
 a 50mm F1.7 Minolta lens

~ about the light...

in question of technical details on how to acheive making a picture 
looking like that, I suggest you turn to 
some of the numerous technical magazines out there,
as much as countless photography workshops 
offering such knowledge

still if you wish, a little hint from a slightly altered pespective can be shared

if it is light you are attracted to,
if it is beautiful light you wish to capture,

then just begin by searching for, discovering and appreciating your own,
personal, special & one of a kind light
within your heart & soul

we can only see in the world what exists in ourselves,
as the world is a reflection of who we are

it is impossible to miss the light and beauty of the world when
we connect to it 

and then through our adventurous quest in finding our light,
it would be wise to arm ourselves with courage,
healthy self love & self knowledge, 
hope, dignitiy & decency
as these will be our weapons though the times
that darkness will appear

but then remember it is through befriending ourselves
wtih difficulty, that easiness and light will come our ways

otherwise, no matter how hard we try,
no matter how successful we might become,
if we haven't really discovered the light within us, 
there'll always be something missing...

this one factor that makes life worthwhile & sweet 
even when it is sometimes bittersweet 

it takes courage, it certainly does,
but then there are so many courageous people out there like you!

see you in a while ~
{unless life changes occur again ; )}


  1. hi, just want to let you now that I have received your messages:-), hughs Anja

  2. This picture is nothing short of amazing!
    Love the light, the colors, the decor - everything ♥

    And thank you for letting me know that you have indeed sent the parcel. Shame on the post system then because I have not received it yet. It might be stuck in customs then, they can be a bit slow over there, I know from earlier purchases from abroad :)
    I did not get the mail you sent yesterday either though, which is even more strange. Maybe you could forward it to signeringstad[at]gmail[dot]com? It might just be hotmail acting silly :)

    And thank you for the photo tips!
    I wish you a lovely day and a happy weekend :)

  3. Dear Anja,
    thank you for letting me know :)xx

    please check your gmail box dear! Have a wonderful weekend you, too! xx