~ going grocery shopping?

good morming ladies & gentlemen perhaps, too?

happy Friday to you all!

this is a post mainly for ladies, still there ain't no reason that men cannot enjoy... 
 after all styling is a universal issue

you could pass some advice to your ladies, how about that? 
{of course I know that they look super perfect since they are yours  but a little inspiration never hurt anyone... right?... see my point? ;) }

so, let's say that we ladies, need to go GROCERY SHOPPING

one thing is certain: we need to be : c o m f o r t a b l e 

however, that doesn't need to be correlated with:

a.  looking as if we are going to the gym, packed in training shoes
b.  neither does it mean, that we throw just anything on & go out

and then again if you are thinking of any of the following,
I'd strongly, while very kinldy, advice not to:

a.  put on make up & especially go out with smoky eyes + red lipstick
neither in a combination, 
nor sepateretely one of the two
{we are going out to pick up just a few goodies after all, right?}

b. balance on high heels, despite our magnificent ability in walking like a cat on them

c.  spend hours in front of our wardrobe figuring out what to wear

d. come up with a very different, eye catching outfit
{life is not an editorial}

e. grab any tote to carry our groceries with


now that we are done with the basic NOT TO DO  list ,

how about proceeding with the TO DO  one?

for the record, amaware that gorgeous & stunning do not exactly describe my looks
in the picture below
actually this is exaclty the reason it is shared here

it just happens that some days we are less fit than others,
more tired or whatever...
all phases of real  life,

so, let's see what could work for a stylish & simple outfit
put together in a second:

a. a light cotton, knee length dress
in a colour & shape that charms our body shape
{I got mine last year from h&m online during the summer sales & paid 1/3 of its anyway low price}

b.  a practical Tote shopping bag with some nice details, 
{like the adjustable, practical & pretty leather handles}
somehow matching our outfit.
I got mine {here} 
 actually consider it 
one of the best {few} buys I made since 2011 launched.
 I'm carrying it all year round, 
thank's to the choice of jean like fabric, which fits every season
{doesn't it look gorgeous {here}?

~ a cotton scarf/schawl in a neutral colour
{ this one is from h&m current Spring collection & am absolutely adoring it.
it can also be worn as a mini skirt like {here} + a headband like {here} }

~ a pair of comfly flat sandals with nice details like these:
{these ones were found in Greece at Pull & Bear}

~ one accessory, my favorite one is my wooden bangle

~ a descrete ring we usually wear

~ no make up but perhaps some rimmel on eyelashes

~ hair in a pony tail for convenience unless it is short
~ last but not least:

let's put on a S M I L E !
: ) 
ready to share with the people you'll interact
remember that this world out there only brings back to us
the input we ourselves offer...

want to be treated with sincerity, respect & kindness?

find these traits within yourselves
share them with the world!

others do not seem to get the message?
their problem + sadness ; )


well, that's about it my dears...
how about suggestions from your side?

... and  how are you? 
what are your plans for the day & weekend ahead?

have you had a chance to enjoy some very favorite accessories of mine

 and do your know that today we are going to begin celebrating here 
the next post is all about the give away I have been promising
other wonderful chances for you to enjoy things from our shop?

oh yes, indeed!
so I might as well go,

cause the preparations are still going!

have a delightfully stylish, happy & productive Friday,
till we meet here again



  1. My dear, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these fashion posts! I love your style! Why don't you take pictures of your daily outfits for flickr? That's something I'd love to do myself, but I always leave home in a hurry and tend to forget...

  2. Ohhh love your outfit with that sandals. The best !!!

  3. i love your style so much! pure and simple.
    ♥ hanlie

  4. totally cute and sweet summer style!

  5. Ivy you are the epitome of chic simplicity. I love your style and attention to detail! You definitely dress as well as you design. Love Nicole :D