Domestic stories present Fab pins!

the time has come my dears,

it took a little longer than expected,
still I personally believe it was worthwhile
and hope that you will feel this way, too.

This feature is very special to me, not only because of the lovely products 
presented & the lovely person behind the making of them,
but also because it has given birth to a new idea.

Something that I have been trying to figure out since quite some time now.
That said, I'd like to ask you in my turn to be patient for one more time,
 simply keep this in your minds as an introduction
for a new era for Domestic stories.

I'd like to proceed with the wonderful presentation 
I' ve been longing to do
promise to go on revealing details very, very soon.

So, first of all take a look at the picture opening this post
the one following below...
take your time to look carefully 
 concentrate on details...

Can you tell already?

if you are seeing some Fabulous Pins
the word recycled somewhere,
then you have it right,
as this is the key to this post:

some trully amazing, Fab pins, made from recycling security envelopes!
what a concept, right ?

How did these lovelies end up in my home
are eventually being featured here on Domestic stories?

a couple of weeks ago,
I noticed a beautiful etsy shop icon,
commenting on {this} etsy treasury I had just curated...

 I was so attracted by the little picture representing the shop,
that I immediatelly visited it and looked at the products one by one.

the outcome?
Love at first sight & an order placed immediately.

remarkable is the fact that I actually more or less am not the hugest fan of pins,
but as I'm in love with geometrical patterns,
natural tones & shades of blue,
falling in love with these set of badges was inevitable.

additionally I was emergly attracted by the beautiful product photography and packaging 
 simply reasonated deeply with recycling paper in order to make these pins.

When I - very promptly - received my order,
I felt like a girl on Christmas morning, thanks to the lovely packaging seen {here},
the thoughtful little card & a surprise present of a third set of 5 pins!

I also felt like getting to know a very interesting person,
as Jenny and I were exchanging some mails.
She responded so super positively to my suggestion of her being featured here
after she got familiar with the blog,
that not only she shared her story on  how it all begun,
but she also offered herself a special reduction to all the readers of Domestic stories.

isn't this wonderful?
I'll give you all the info +  instructions at the end of the post.

For now, take a visual bath in Jenny's Fab pins
come with us to hear fragments of her story... 

rather than asking questions, I let Jenny open her heart & speak for what ever pleased her
concering her work.

she says:

" I have always been fascinated by the hidden beauty in everyday objects that most people around me don't notice. Especially things which are designed to be used for only a short time such as tins, packaging & various other ephemera.

While recycling envelopes (from the many bills, bank statements & junk mail I had lying around) I noticed that the insides were all different & decided to use the paper to make little envelopes (with patterns on the outside) to use for gift wrapping small items & sending little notes. That was back in 2006. I made my first badge back in 2007 with a toy badge maker. I eventually bought a professional badge machine last year. I have now built up quite a collection of these envelopes & I love how making a simple badge with them really brings the patterns to life. Each is like a miniature piece of 
abstract art!"

well, I happen to strongly believe with all my heart that these badges are trully little pieces of every day art.

I can imagine so many uses besides what I already show you here,
like decorating a daily shopping tote bag or a cushion.

necklaces, armbands & bookmarks come in my mind... 
decorating cute as...button presents, too!
I just cannot get over the idea of framing them... 

 I actually think that I'll do that, as soon as I enjoy them in various ways,
or since I'm already a happy owner of 15,
frame 9 & keep my most favorite six to use daily
in various ways...

Here are the three lovely packages I received:

and these are the two ways I'm loving using them at the moment:

Jenny produces pins of other kind of paper than {recycled security envelopes}, like

~ {stamps} from countries like USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany & Australia,

~ {dictionary pages}, making clever combinations with words such as:

 theory - reason - logic
ego - self - identity
portrait - collage - landscape
 abstract - expressionism - symbolism
others from
~ {fabric} as well

My next favorites are the ones made from dictionary pages....

I just love me some art with a touch of intelligence & intelect,
a real story behind 
 a beginning for no other reason than pleasing oneself,
while at the same time being genuine & contributing to recycling / upcycling.

So what do you think my dears?
has it been worth to wait a little longer?
I hope that you are nodding positively : )

now, how about sharing with you Jenny's present?

a 15% reduction to all readers of Domestic Stories!

All you have to do is visit Jenny's etsy shop Fab pins right {here},
place your orders & write the code:

{ as one lovely word please}

in the COUPON CODE section
that way 15% of reduction will immediately be incorporated in your purchase

the generous offer runs till the end of 2011!

 stay connected with Jenny through her {tweeter}
and enjoy!

hope you've all spent lovely days 
c u right here very soon 


P.S: all shots except the one before the last are styled & taken by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos  for Domestic stories with Ivy {product} Photography


  1. Oh Iro, I love these wee badges so much... especially the Liberty fabric versions, such a cute idea! I love your ideas for using them too, they would look great framed and you could switch them in and out as often as you liked... !
    Great find my dear and great post... :)
    Emma, x

  2. Iro, I really cannot thank you enough for this wonderful feature. I absolutely love how you have photographed the badges; And I really love your idea of framing them - if you do end up doing that, you must take a photo, I would love to see it!
    I am so glad I commented on one of your recent treasuries which is, as you have already mentioned, how you came to notice my little shop and of course how I came to be introduced to your beautiful blog, which I have been visiting regularly ever since; And I'm looking forward to many more inspiring posts of the gorgeous places you visit, your new discoveries and of course your beautiful home.
    Thank you so much again for everything :)
    Lots of Love
    Jenny xx

    Oh and thank you Emma for your lovely comments. So glad you like them :)

  3. I like this. all of it. the pins, the new connections between passionate people ... makes me smile.

  4. How amazing are those pins! I love how you pin them on a pillow. So decorative!

  5. such a wonderful indeed smiling idea..in germany we have the strange word nachhaltigkeit. sounds terrible but is a quite important and lovely thing that might keep us all healthy and alive in the future..on top mixed with this pale plain beauty. wonderful, dear and its so very very you featuring this here in your unique way. hugs and love to you!! xoxo

  6. Beautiful, and I love these little glass jars where the pins are stored. Where are they from?

    Thanks and best regards,

  7. I love this story and the way you told it is gorgeous!

    Jenny is the sweetest person and it totally refelects in her work. I fell in love with her badges, the same way you did.
    Chig simplicity and well thought out, beautiful packaging.

    I sincerely hope she'll conquer the world with her work!

    xoxo Mila.