The Cicle of A d u n d a n c e

H a p p y   S u n d a y

with a moment of sunshine captured in the dining area / winter garden 

a house that has so much goodness to share when the time comes.

Located in the arms of beautiful woods.

Summers in Germany are blissful like that

when the sun shines.

some of my favorite things recently  a c q u i r e d

{isn't "acquire" such a gentle word to use for things that come into our 

possession, avoiding to emphasize ownership which so often 

carries uncontrollable amounts of ego? }

-> a  c o o k i e   j a r  from Orla Kiely

-> a fine Bavarian porcelain  t e a p o t , a heartfelt present from lovely

{ take a look at her  practically pretty  "Queen at home" weekly cleaning planners! }

-> a large black  b a s k e t  from h&m's  recent home collection

{currently available in the small version }

-> two plants that grew roots in a corner of our kitchen

and are now being taken care of by the children

of our neighbors downstairs

"A" for Antonio & "M" for Mirianna :)

G i v i n g   &   r e c e i v i n g   

must be 

one of the most wonderful parts 

of life's  C i r c l e  of  A d u n d a n c e

l e a r n i n g  to give  &  a c c e p t i n g  to receive...

One can only be  e t e r n a l l y   r i c h  when involved in it.

How do you involve yourself in this circle?

Have you noticed its existence?

wishes for a prosperous Sunday in all possible ways!


  1. warm, inviting, and just lovely!

  2. Dear Iro, what a pleasure to see you again! In this period are a bit 'absent from the web, I pulled the plug and I'm enjoying a little' rest. With the google translation you lose a little 'sense dele phrases and so I would not make a bad impression. If I understand it, this is the home to Germany where you temporarily transferred before returning to Greece? The photos are beautiful, you managed to convey the peace and quiet you're talking about, congratulations ....
    The word "aquire" like a lot to me and say that the "ability to learn to give and receive" ... Well! things seem obvious, but in reality are very difficult! I can only give, but I ask myself hardly in a position of "openness" which would "be able to receive" (I'll commit myself to this!).
    I embrace you and I wish you much peace.

    1. Dear Emanuella,

      always so lovely to see you here :) This is my home in Germany where I have been all time long. I'm taking a little time off so that my personal issues can have space & time to evolve in the most proper and positive direction.

      The pictures were taken sometime before the middle of July. The peace, the quiet and so many wonderful emotions captured in pictures taken at this place are portrayed so, only for one reason: this IS exactly how I feel at my Home in Germany: tranquil, happy, complete, fulfilled, joyous, content, creative, loving, loved, belonging.

      Sometimes hard times bring us forward into fully appreciating our circumstances and realizing our own shortcomings & blockades.

      Currently in Amsterdam, staying at the charming apartment of a friend, while she is away.

      Thank you for your comment & wishes. Peace is an ultimate goal and way of life. I embrace you too - or in more common language I hug you ;) and wish you to allow more often yourself the joy of receiving. I'm sure that with your kind and giving nature, wonderful things & people will come to you. Then just open your arms and gratefully receive.

      xo Iro

  3. You are so right about ownership! I never saw it from that point of view! Thanks for opening my eyes! (and soul!)

    1. Dear Anna,

      I'm glad this post to have contributed to that!

      Warmest regards to you all the way to Portugal,
      Iro - Ivy

  4. Dear Iro,

    I am a long time silent reader from FFM, those you nice things are awsome. Does this means you are staying in Germany? Alles Gute!


  5. Hello there my dear silent reader,

    seems there are quite a few of you lately reaching out to me either via a mail or by leaving a comment.
    Thank you for showing up & the nice wishes :)
    Alles Gute für Dich auch! Du sprichst Deutsch! :)
    May I ask where are you from & if currently you live in Germany yourself?

    I'll reply this way:
    One can never leave Home.
    One can only be always Home when connected to their hearts.
    My Home is where my heart is & that currently is in Germany like it has been the past 5 1/2 years.

    I'll physically be there any time soon again, when the time is right : )
    For now, after some almost 3 weeks in one of my beloved cities, Amsterdam, combining work & leisure, I'm greeting every morning the Greek sun that rises gracefully behind the mountains, while illuminating the blue sea...

    It reminds me of the sun that bathes Home in Germany, just shortly after it rises behind the woods... like shared here:

    Warm regards to you,
    Iro - Ivy

    1. please just disregard my question about where you currently live as I just noticed that you are also in FFM! Regards to Frankfurt and you :)

  6. Thank you for your answer.:-).
    Yes I do speak german, and better then english then

    "those you nice things are awsome."

    this is, well...all I can say, I was not drunk writting that ;-), but it supposed to mean: those your new things are awsome...
    I returned recently from my seaside holiday and after reading about your current location all I can say is: I miss so much sea and sun!
    Enjoy your time :-)