~ door & numbers

knock - knock...
R U knocking on Heaven's door?
whichever the case, hop {here}!

Well, goodmorning 
a very happy Friday to you!
I' ve just finished preparing an eye pleasing & mouth watering post, 
but before I share it with you,

I thought I let you know a little bit more of me and what I like.
The image above is a pretty good example.

I love DOORS!

Door #11 above is of a special significance to me,
mainly because of its location,
{it's situated in one of my ever favorite places on earth, a Mallorcian village}
and of course cause I love its shape and 
lightly coloured wood from which it's made of.

Other than that, it brings memories of wonderful winter vacations spent there twice with my super kind & generous partner.

As for the number, it symbolises my existence in this life, 
cause I came to this world on the 11th of a month.
Speaking of birthdays, let me share with you where this birthday found me this year...

Take a look at the picture and then, if you are kind enough,
do jump on the {link} to read about it all, would you be so nice?

...it's time for a lunch break...
 after having {also} spent the morning on remaking the shop's banner,
quite a number of tasks are waiting to be taken care off!

Till I return with the next post,
would you like to take a look ?

Here it is:

...still, better would be to visit the shop itself ;)

Have a nice afternoon 
 see U in a little while ~

P.S: I almost forgot! ....about a year ago I wrote a {post} about DOORS and the SYMBOLISM they carry for me. Well, eventhough it's part of my first {and therefore far too imperfect!} personal blog, I  hereby overcome my shame and ask you to go {there} and have a read....after all, we all started from somewhere, right?

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