invitation to Sofie's haus ~

... and how's Sunday evening for proceeding with introducing you to a home, blog & shop
 of a lovely lady?

 As you might have noticed, 
 despite my totally free nature & very individual relation ship with time,
 there are serious efforts done here to remain let's say on schedule,
 when something has been promised.

 So hop hop, let's jump all for a virtual visit to Sofie's haus, aka Butiksofie,
 which is located somewhere near Cologne, a German city I really enjoyed visiting some years ago.

 Sofie's haus actually belongs to Anja, a mother of three daugthers, owner of the on line shop
Butik Sofie & creative in all ways spirit behind her blog.

The soft feel to the images she beautifully styles and takes,
her personal approach to fashion styling
& the fact that she manages to combine working from home,
with being a domestic goddess & a successful shop owner
are some facts for which she has my total admiration.

From a short but delightful mail exchange, I gained a little more insight
into her every day life, which completed the picture.

Yes, indeed.
Motherhood, household keeping of what is a fabulous house,
 running a shop wearing all hats from
being a manager, secretary, creative executive, person taking care of product packaging & shipment
and keeping a blog based mostly on her own beautifully taken pictures
showcasing her daily life,
is certainly a lot of work, requiring a lot of discipline,
among energy, appetite & talent.

Anja has been very willing in replying to everything she was asked, with her only worry being what she thinks is her bad English... {oh if only she heard my German!} 
In fact she is very fluent, despite the fact her blog is officially written in German.
No worries, for those of you who don' t speak or read German, there is a translate button,
located on the top right of the blog.
Quite easy.
And let's not forget that pictures are worthy sometimes 1000 words each,
and Anja does have such a talent in taking pictures!

Before letting you proceed with your virtual dive into Sofie' s world,

( a little notice here: I must admit that choosing my most favorite pictures to share here
has been anything but easy, as I went through a few dozens of posts,
only to be finding myself liking the one more that the other!)

let me renew our appointment some time tomorrow,
to welcome the new week together.
You do know I love doing that, don't you?

So dears, I hope your weekends have been nice in all possible ways!
c u here soon :*)

All images & diptychs by Sofie's Haus Photography
Curation of last dyptich: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos


  1. Thanks to share let us know her. I come back from her blog and Love her good taste and he does pretty still lifes too.

  2. Love to discover new and inspiring people! Off to browse Sofie's blog now...


    ps. we must try that Poree Suppe together ;)

  3. I love Sofies haus for a long time! She has such a georgeus taste and sense for beautiful! Have a nice day! Annie