~ oh hello stylish Mondays!

oh hello stylish Monday!
   too bad you are finding me covered in dust
 & having only but little time currently to devote to writing & posting in
 my favorite on line journal,
 but I must admit that proceeding with works in our new home,
 is worth all the effort.

 Our technician departed a while ago, having brought with my little help the details 
 of the winter garden floor* to an almost closure.
 {for reference look unfinished part of step between kitchen & winter garden in this post}

 Does it perhaps sound to you that it is taking too long till we have our renovation completed?
 This is exactly what I had been thinking myself till a short while ago, 
 only to realize the actual size of the project we actually undertook
 when my partner & I decided to move to this apartment.

 We are going places my dears {well metaphorically & literally speaking sometimes}
 it might be that we have been underestimating ourselves.
 Now please, don't get me wrong , as passing to the other extreme of overestimation,
 is not my intention.
 But indeed, this place is taking the most wonderful shape it has ever seen,
 since it was originally designed by its architects & built by its workers.

 We are indeed making a beautiful place to live in out of what used to be a space
 mostly with hidden potential, never though brought forward.

 So, so & yes indeed.

Somewhere here* I' ll have to stop my ramblings put forth in the form of lines
in these pages, and bring myself down to the kitchen,
where after wood being cut all morning,
there is lots of work for Mrs Vacume cleaner & me.

*{update after post completion ~> a few paragraphs later ; )}

Lots of work & a currently very unstylish me doing it ; )
Nothing like the simply perfect outfit seen on the top right of today's collage,
or the darling dress for little girls.

The collage is mostly dedicated to Lines & curves,
after the name of the photo taken by J, him, my partner,
who couldn't have seen this better back in 2008 when we traveled to Barcelona.

Can you really believe the amazing coincidence of this perfectly perfect Vespa
being parked there & the fact that he, unlike me back then,
didn't overpass it,
instead composed one gorgeous scene out of it?

He has this amazing eye & I tend to forget that one of my wishes is to share here more of his photography, carrying the label, JCN Photography,
united with my own sense of style under Project 33,
a project that has long been on Domestic Stories "would love do list".

"Everything in its time" some wise ancestors used to say,
and this time is approaching. 

So dears, off I go & I'm leaving you with one favorite domestic moment
that took place this Saturday in the arms of the Pearl Birches House:

Greek coffee making & drinking, a habit of ours that marks the beginning of Spring season,
here pictured in the company of a star shaped ice cream.

Cannot get enough of the warm afternoon light that shines in the winter garden,
as caught here shining on this favorite teapot.

And you, is there a favorite recent moment you'd like to share?
Has Spring sprung you ways?

I certainly hope so & I'm wishing you a wonderful Monday & week ahead,
being very pleased that despite all works,
am managing to do so as mentioned here yesterday.

c u right here, quite soon!
Thank you for coming along & being such lovely readers :*)


collage picture credit clockwise from top left:
4. another one whose original source is lost in Pinterest


  1. beautiful photos, love the curves of the vespa against the modernist facade
    great post :)
    x kat

  2. how did I miss this post?! I wondered ... what has Iro been up to? Well, here you are and up to quite a lot it seems. I'm happy the floor is getting its finishing touches. That JNC Lines and Curves is absolutely stunning and I am all for Project 33! Symbolically, it means so much this project.

    Your domestic moment shared here is quite inspiring. Oh Iro, I can't wait to have a home soon, where I can also have such domestic moments that are fully mine. The urge is becoming overwhelming these days :(

    Wishing you a lovely week, and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments! Much appreciated xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh Iro I don't know if I have already said this but I love your glass pear! It is so beautiful!

    How wonderful it must be to be able to create your space as you would like it to be. We are renting, and of course I can make amendments and be creative by adding details, but I would love to rip up the laminate flooring as I am sure there is proper planks hidden under there, and PAINT (I would probably paint everything white if I could) and the kitchen... no let's not talk about our kitchen ;)

    Can't wait to see more pictures of how your home will take shape.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Such a cute Vespa! SO You are having a masterplan huh LOL ;) I am in the middle of changing website for my concept page and made now http://www.Studiodees.nl So now you may call me dees ;)