Divine l i g h t ... be surrounded by it

worship the Sun but now can you fall for the Rain?

you know that Sunlight always shines

behind the Clouds upon the Skies

A light filled post coming tomorrow...

stay tuned...

let there be light


most of all...

let light in

even if the night has fallen in our part of the world...

posting under candle light & the sounds of nice music coming from 

my trustworthy i-phone

after another day of endless walking hours in Amsterdam

Life is good... there is calmness, peace, tranquility & 

an unmistakable hunch of   h a p p y   e x p e c t a t i o n s   

carrying true Joy within


  1. just beautiful.

    enjoy the calmness.

    This post has made my heart smile for you :)


  2. Thank you my dear Holly!

    It made me smile too when put together...
    what would life be without dear friends to feel for us and share?

    Wishing you a great weekend in Berlin :) xoxo

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