happy Easter ~ simple + easy

when somebody is not exactly a tradiotional housewife like me,
simple + easy, last minute solutions
for creating a seasonal atmosphere can prove to be
life savers.

having not decorated any eggs,
I still wanted to bring a happy Easter note @ home this morning.

stripes of pretty patterned paper & wavy scissors 
came to the rescue and attached themselves on the simple, white, egg bowls (from Ikea)

A pencil gave my handwriting "bones & flesh"
and voila:

Happy Easter!



  1. ...simple, but very nice! I like it!

    Best regards...Katja

  2. love it. They turned out so well =)

  3. Katja hello! Thank you very much :)

    Holly, I'm so happy you like the result =)xo

    Have a great day to both of you!