...wishes from my favorite corner

...just passing by to wish you all a Happy Easter!
...no bunnies and further deco in our place this year,
but after a good {evergoing!} Spring cleaning,
painting the kitchen and reading corner (the one pictured above)
in fresh white and some reorganising,
it feels fresh, airy and light enough
as Spring days should be.

What did you do today?
we spent the day @ home,
enjoying - unusually - gorgeous weather,
catching sunrays at the veranda.
I worked on some projects,
and prepared for a grilling in the early evening.

Just three people is enough to be a croud in our little balkony,
but I enjoyed it to bits.
Him {my boyfriend/companion/person I live with}, his father and me.
I did the vegetables - green peppers, aubergines, mushrooms
he did the meat {no fasting this year obviously}
....hmmm, he did the potatoes, too.

...drank beer
 {love drinking cold beer when the warm weather calls for it!}
...made some pictures,
...prepared Greek coffees for the two men
...and served it with Makedonikos Halvas,
a specialty to lick your fingers and forget all about colories.

...cleaned up
...washed the dishes {our dish washer seems to be on a long strike}
...watched an episode of Top Gear with him
and here I am posting again.

Lovely....it feels just so right lately
It's been a week since I've been freely but regularly posting
and it works well.

And I'm happy for the new readers, like very happy,
which is rather unlike me,
but I am.

Thank you for coming on board :)


  1. That glass pear is just awesome!

    I spent half a day making orange peels in chocolate:) I have a sort of obsession for them but they are discontinued by Godiva. So it was my big DIY project.
    Happy Easter:)

  2. Hello Alika :)

    Hope you are spending a marvelous Easter and enjoying the results of your delicious DIY project!
    The weather here is simply wonderful - the best present I could ever ask for!
    As for making orange peels with chocolate, brigns me to baking sessions with my mother in Greece. Love them!

    Best wishes,

  3. It sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend with your loved ones. This corner of your room looks so warm and inviting. Glad to see you back on Flickr if only for a fleeting moment.

    Love Suzi (Shmoo) x