~ the Penthouse @ Ikea Family Live magazine

hello everyone!
 isn't it quite a nice date today, that is if a detail like that matters to you at all in any way?


 numbers have a symbolic meaning to me
 and am quite a fan of them,
 asides from having been quite good at dealing with them back at school and university

 it seems to be connected with an easiness in evaluating spaces,
 visualising complete rooms put together
 {without even having made one sketch by hand or on the pc}
 make the best possible use of their space, 
 maximising their performance with simple & easy solutions

I guess this characteristic allows me to be successful as 
an interiors consultant & designer

speaking of that, I'm quite happy to be sharing today with you,
after a week that the edition has arrived in our mailbox,

{I just wanted that a few very dear friends had the honour of finding out in person by me,
before making a post here & I just loved their reaction and input!}

that our current home,
this so beloved & charming, little {loft Penthouse} of ours,
is hosted in the German Fall issue of Ikea Family Live

it is a wonderful feeling being hosted in the pages of a publication I adore,
which has also marked the beginning of my life in Germany,
the magazine being something totally new to me back then{3 years ago},
as it wasn't published in Greek.

and the best of all, it is connected to a company I love!

having not the time to momentarily translate the interview into English for you,
I'll just state a few facts:

 1.  the interview took place on the phone
and the Penthouse is mentioned as my current residence,
which I share with my life partner.

 2. I'm also mentioned as their co worker, as since a year now,
I'm blogging for their online website,
which by the way since yesterday has launched totally new!

you may check it out {here}
& visit me {there}

3.  Ikea Family Live's editors have contacted me twice more than a year ago, asking if I would be interested in having their stylists and photography crew come over for a
detailed feature in their magazine

 4. I was "dying" to meet the crew and see how they work on the spot

 5.  what went wrong? 
my life partner didn't wish to be part of this
we were trying to arrange how he would be away for the three days that the crew would be here

  6. I clearly decided that him and our relationship is more important than my wish
to have our home published in a magazine and a favorite team work

 7. in the meantime he is {through living together with somebody who blogs}
much more relaxed about such issues,
so perhaps a new home in the future could be a potential feature 

 8. I was thrilled when the editors suggested that we make a small feature instead,
me sending my own pictures as an interiors photographer
and voila:

so it happened!

isn't life the most fabulous adventure my dear all?
and aren't true love & patience always rewarded?

it seems so....

anyway, I'll have to leave you with some of my portfolio's favorite pictures
 which were used for thefeature:

our living / lounge / sofa area

our reading corner, as seen from the kitchen with a view to the stairs up

my favorite box carrying always my latest paper creations {like these ones}

our reading corner's art wall,
the creation of which you may follow in two parts
as blogged for Ikea Family's live website

and a quick, tasty solution for a Sunday breakfast as blogged {here} about a year ago

below are the scanned pages of the magazine
and promise as soon as I take some time off during the weekend
to catch up with... myself amongst all craziness,
I'll post the translation cause it has some humourous parts, too!

wishing everyone the happiest of Friday & weekends ahead!
see you soon my dears ~

Iro - Ivy

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

photography & interior styling by Iro Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy 2011 & Ikea Family Live {all rights reserved}


  1. It is just soooo fabulous!!! I have received the Magazine yesterday and I am so proud, that I am one of your readers!!! Good work!

    Kind regards * Denise

  2. Dear Iro, I'm so happy for you! You totally deserve all the good things in the world and this once again proves how good you are at interior design & photography!

    Let me just say, this has been quite amusing here in Rodos - Greek people think I am Greek too! In Athens airport, people were asking me for information in Greek, and here in Rodos most restaurant waiters start speaking to me in Greek. Then, when I answer "Sorry, English?..." they say "Oh, I thought you were Greek" and "You look like a Greek woman!". I think it's the tanned skin and the way I dress (normal, not like a tourist - after all, I'm in Rodos for work!). Anyway, it has been fun! I'm flying back to Portugal tomorrow.

    Again, I'm very proud of you and happy to see another proof of your marvellous work! xoxo, rita

  3. Liebe Iro,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem Beitrag! Ich habe es noch nicht gelesen, muss unbedingt zu Ikea. Bin schon sehr gespannt.
    Du hast einen wunderschönen Blog, tolle Bilder! Mach weiter so!

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wonderful!!!!! I'm so happy for you Iro! In your words I can feel all your happiness!
    hug you!

  5. Wonderful solution you found to be in the magazine after all ;) It is looking very beautiful and I will look out for it when the issue is in our Dutch IKEA Congratulations dear Iro xxx

  6. Congratulations! Your home looks so beautiful and filled with light.

  7. Love that spread, well done!!!

    Funny, I was also asked for a large shoot but my husband and I decided we did not want pictures of our family being published. Consequently, that shoot was off, but now I will be in a similar feature as yours with my own pictures (including a portrait of me). It will appear in the Dutch version of the magazine (winter issue) and I am very excited and grateful that Ikea offered me this opportunity. So we seem to have walked the same path in this respect...
    x Iris

  8. again, congratulations! Well done and i really like their choice of pictures!

  9. Thanks for sharing some pictures of your home. I blog too, but I cannot help feeling very protective about my own home/studio. So I guess I am a bit like your husband - I want to keep it private.
    At the same time I'm very good at "matchmaking", hooking up my interior design student with writers and photographers, who then write articles about their homes in Swedish mags like Sköna Hem, Residence etc. Great PR when you are about to start a business. But for myself.... nah.

  10. Oh Iro, I could go on and on about all the lovelies in this post...but frankly I just wanted to say how much you continue to inspire me. I love your outlook, and the peaceful vibe you exude. Wishing you all the best this weekend...enjoy, and thanks for sharing!

  11. What a beautiful home!

    I came across your blog via flickr & now am your new follower!



  12. yay!!! Congrats!! I absolutely adore your blog and your beautiful home. Now, maybe while we go through Germany next month I will have to stop and pick up a copy! We, too, were thrilled when IKEA contacted us. We'll be in the Danish version!

  13. I just found your wonderful blog.
    And signed in.


  14. Your post are honest and heart-warming, as always! Thank you. The coffee mug is adorable! All the best xxx- Barbara

  15. yay! congrats! is that a floating IKEA shelf??

  16. These are truly amazing images, grats on a GREAT feature!
    And I was wondering if you have shipped the pretty price I won in your giveaway yet? I am looking forward to getting it :)

    Hugs and a happy monday to you!

  17. Liebe Iro, ich freue mich so für dich :)!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Die Fotos eurer tollen Wohnung gefallen mir sehr.

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  18. That's fantastic Iro! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. Your home is absolutely stunning and you clearly don't need the help of stylists and a photography crew! Beautiful work.

    Jenny xx

  19. ...and I missed this post! Congratulations my dear! All worked out in the end and am thrilled for you....and so very proud xx and ♥♥

  20. Love your home and your style, you know that.

  21. wow, I'm so behind!! congratulations on your feature, very exciting!!