~ sunshine on cloudy days...

hello everyone!
 how have you been?

since I wrote this morning about "living a slow life"
and the essence of it,
 the day has been grey and quite chilly,
easily reminding of first winter days already...

no rain, but these heavy clouds,
taking over the whole sky,
allowing for no sign of blue to appear...
persistenly blocking every sunray, too

sounds depressing?
well, I have to tell you that it needs a lot of effort to stay on top of such occassions,
but after some time in Germany,
some tricks automatically take place
to make such days brigther ; )

first of all, candles...
all over!...during the whole day...
much like the ones seen here
my favorite {vanilla one}
for a pleasant sweet aroma... 
then, nice music...
and working on {the table} placed in front of the big window
to be exposed to as much light as possible...

 using hands to create, rather than working on the PC or laptop screen...
and off course making use of this bright, white, cold light
that I have really come to very much love,
I really find it extremely charming...

the notebooks seen above are made with the same concept that these ones below were made

this polka dot cutie above was actually part of {this amazing lady's order}

 everything started a few weeks ago when I needed a new notebook for myself
and came up with this one,
which you can read about more detailed {here}

if there is supposed to be a trial period when one produces something new,
until the product is ready to reach the wide audience,
then these ones have successfully passed it!

 laminated, consisting of wonderful quality paper,
all handcut, they are handstiched using
extra strong, waxed threads in
beautiful colours,
found during supply expeditions while visiting Athens

I actually love the fact that everything is thought of and produced from scratch,
while using materials brought from my home country, too

it makes this whole creative process more meaningful, don't you think?

 {this} little notebook found last year during {my mother's visit in Germany}
has been the source of inspiration for creating
something that was going to be apart from pretty,
just a little bit more practical too.

the laminated cover gives you the freedom to wipe it with a wet cleenex when 
something has stained it
& so long as it doesn't take an actual bath,
it can stay with you for quite a long preriod!

still the little detail that I absolutely love and am proud to have thought off,
is the extended {from the notebook's spine}
thread which actually
ends in a lovely bow, to keep your little or bigger journal
securly closed
while off course looking irresistebly cute.

maker's bias?
what about you? what do you think of these little journals?


as soon as there is a decent stock created,
they'll be available on the {online shop} in the next days
till then, you may either pre order them and pick them up yourselves
or have them sent to you

in both cases just drop me a mail, stating which patterned design of all you prefer
and which of the two sizes:
small ~> 12,5 x 9cm
big ~> 17 x 12 cm

time to say good bye...
it is great that I found some time in peace to come and post here
about everyday life's simple happenings
have been missing connecting with you, 
the readers of this journal!

just before I go, a little bit of something {more} for inspiration:

 the new collection of 16 favorite items 
from the corridors of etsy,
making up the new treasury put together this morning:

"Three {and more} keys to living a happy, successful life"
quite intriguing title, or?

what are your thoughts on the subject?
here is what came to my mind

~ dream big... {but then also} prepare to live small ~
~ connect to your true feelings ~
~ count your blessings ~
 ~ accept your natural rythms ~
 ~ invest in discovering who you trully are ~


well, I hope that there is input for you to think about,
 enjoy watching, get inspired from
perhaps do some shopping
until the next post!

as for us, legal procedures involving the purchase of the new place seem to be moving smooth as 
butter, so soon a pleasant, relaxing period can be enjoyed 

so looking forward to that!


  1. wonderful blog ♥ greetings Martina

  2. Thank's a lot for stopping by Martina :)
    Have a wonderful day ♥