~ the essence of living slow...

 waking up should always feel this way, don't you agree with me?

soft, tender, allowing for the body and mind to wake up from their relaxed state
while in sleep motion...

this is a collection of home decor items picked up by Anne, whom you met {last week}
{and she'll be here again with you & me next week!}

the reasons it is brought here to you are a quite a few:

1. it represents a style of life I support myself

2, it consists of home accessories I would happily incorporate in our home environment

3. it features {our shop's one of a kind} paper garland made from two different kinds of paper:
recycled fashion catalogues using thick, matt paper 
luxurious wallpaper samples from the collection that my clients are presented with.

4. it was featured on etsy's FP in France this morning

5. it has a lovely symbolic meaning about the soft, tender & pure kind of life,
so important to me and quite possibly you,
 amongst modern life's & society's insane rythms, 
often leading to unhealthy styles of life
eventually physical and/or mental diseases...

~ ~ ~

 speaking of fast rythms, I am recently engaged in quite a few projects,
and eventhough I could squeeze my time to come and post here,
it is a very clear & mindful decision, 
that posts here are taking place 
under a sense of calm, time to generously devote,
allowing inspiration to flow.

this way, the quality of the posts in not only determined by the outcome,
but also by the atmosphere prevailing while they come to life

and well, one has to support his/her views with actions...
one cannot be talking about cherishing a life of quality,
slow rythms & awareness 
and then
acting in a rush, right?

so despite me already missing tremendously more frequent posts these days,
and actually connecting with you,
with our upcoming movement to be planned 
me designing the new space to be soon turning into our new home,
while evaluating costs & seeing what can momentarily be afforded
and what will take place step by step in the upcoming weeks & months,

I must say that there is quite a lot on my mind
and many projects taking up lots of time!

I hope you are all doing well & I know that it is just a matter of time and patience
until more posts here become more frequent again...

see you soon my dear all,
know that your presence here means a lot to me...

P.S: throughout your days, I hope you to find some time to enjoy flipping through the first issue
of Birch & Little, the Australian online lifestlyle magazine I'm a contributing author to.
You can see its cover right on your left.

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  1. Mmmm, living slow does not always suit our family life... But sometimes we manage, and it does feel like those images...
    Loving your contribution in Birth & Little!
    x Iris