Studio on wheels, a favorite kitchen corner & 33 ideas ~

... good afternoon on a Wednesday evening where positive feelings
 are ready to take over the place...

 after having spent a big part of the day
 trying to figure out how a functional studio corner & office
 will be incorporated in our 10 sm² dining area,
 located in the winter garden,

 I must say that not much progress has taken place,
other than having removed the things from the corner
 where they were temporarily & stylishly 
{may I dare to say ;)}

Still the action and only of making space for new ideas,
 has brought a refreshed feeling,
while positivism seems to
not be a far away memory.

My camera has also been busy snapping some
unplugged corners of the kitchen 
& the dining area,
fact which brings me great pleasure.

So even though there is not much of a stylish presentation prepared,
here is a little corner I'd like to share with you cause I simply love it so much:

as we enter the kitchen and to its right 
{I know, I know, you are so right, I should present some floor plans here!}

to mainly store everyday use objects like mugs,
while grasping the opportunity to selectively display 
my favorite ones.

In the picture above starting from bottom up,
you can see a square bamboo box where vitamins are stored,
{purchased from Habitat more than a decade ago}
above this basket which holds a pair of mugs in 
grey & beige
{I always love to color coordinate every detail ;)}
and some mini wooden & metal trays.

The 3rd shelf from the bottom 
usually hosts 9 everyday use mugs;
{we do drink a lot of tea here!}
some of them are not portrayed in the pictures 
as I was shooting spontaneously & didn't actually 
get to displaying the ones that had dried in the dish washer.

All in all, these three mugs seen below {found at Ikea during Christmas}
a pair of these ones {ours in light blue}
four white ones from Habitat which though
have different colors inside:
turquoise, beige, grey & bordeaux.

I'll share what's in the other shelves in a next post & continue with the
making up of this corner.

This board might be a little helpful ~>

To store bottles of mineral water for our weekly supplies as to not be needing to go to the cellar every little while, this can, which has been on my wish list ever since I saw it, is proving to be a treasure.

The two woolen, jacquard stars in white & grey
are remainders of the Christmas decoration,
but I like them anyway, so they have stayed.

Next to the vertical Lack shelves,
this mirror has been placed,
both to balance with its also rectangular shape
& to bring inside the kitchen glimpses of the dining area.

It is only temporarily resting on the floor,
 to be adjusted on the wall this weekend.

The linen bag with ruffles from h&m home's current Spring collection
plays the roll of our bread storage. I love to bits!
It's also going to be hung from a hook,
rather than from the mirror as seen in the picture above.


Concerning setting up my studio corner,
I hope to come here posting progress quite soon!

Styling & photo shooting projects
as much as creative gatherings have already begun getting scheduled
and all that is needed to be done is to stay focused 
on the enormous love & pleasure creative processes bring me.
You may also wish me some luck, so that everything functions properly...
I won't complain when you do so ; )

I' ll be leaving you with a glimpse of the rather chaotic
situation of my studio on wheels,
while I wish to quite soon be blessed with at least... 
33 ideas & practical applications of them ; )

{please ignore the layout of these last paragraphs ~ html is certainly not my best friend ; )}

The wonderful porcelain letters here forming the word "ideas" are from AM radio, 
Melissa's gorgeous etsy shop 
{read an article about her here & there}

The print pictured upside down in grey, white stripes & pebbles
is an ever favorite of Domestic Stories Shop
{you may find it here}
The 33 print is soon to be available on a limited collection.

 the white baskets wooden crates adjusted on wheels are all from Ikea.

Have a wonderful night everyone! 


All pictures & collages are made by & are a property of Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for 
Domestic Stories with Ivy 2012.


  1. awww and such a beautiful corner, I love it, so minimalistic and most of all so functional, perfect

  2. Good morning Liliana, welcome to my blog, as it's the first time I see you commenting. Many warm thanks, I'm happy you like one of my favorite corners :)

  3. Hi Iro your storage ideas are so beautiful! in my (mini) kitchen I placed a wooden box similar to yours (also found at Ikea and even this one with wheels) that I call "my pantry assistant".I hope to post some pictures soon on the blog!
    a hug

    1. Thank you Valentina!
      Seeing pictures of your "pantry assistant" would be just great :)
      Let me know when you post it.

      Have a great weekend, xoxo

  4. Lovely post Iro. Great capture of your kitchen corner. I'm happy that you and your camera and light are getting along so well ;)

    Your studio on wheels looks super charming too! I know it is in the process of taking shape and I send you lots of positive vibes while you turn it into a special space, which you so will!

    Big Hugs Xx.

    1. Hi Holly!

      Thank you for your nice comments & encouragement! Much appreciated. Hope life is good up there North... I'd so love to be there for some time. Enjoy & take care ~ sending love, xo

  5. i'm with holly, such a lovely post. what a great share into your beautifully simple kitchen corner :)

    love the palette of your blog, so simple!
    Will be following along on bloglovin' x kat

    1. Oh hello there and welcome here Kat!

      Glad you like this favorite kitchen corner & the blog's palette.
      Simplicity in that matter is my happiness & a wonderful compliment.
      Many kind thanks :)

      Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love this style so much. So pure and beautiful.
    Lovely hugs

  7. i am excited for the whole kitchen corner to be ready sometime :))
    you will definetely turn it into something unique.. btw i like the idea of using the board for the mugs and boxes..
    will be looking cool!
    enjoy your weekend, svenja