{have been} looking for charm...

     smile :*)

 passing by to share random pictures from our winter garden & kitchen *
 it seems that I' ve been preoccupied with 
  looking for charm in our new home...

 ... am almost certain I've been doing neither the space nor myself a favor
 these past few days.

I simply need time.
to get used to the changes
rediscover myself through designing our new home
what needs to be a new life in it, with new basis.

am also passing by to personally thank you for the 
sweetest and most heartwarming comments on my {recent post},
as much as everyone for silently reading 

Thank you so much Claudia, Fiona & Katrin.

kisses to you all ~


* if you can absolutely not understand at all the layout of the space, I do not blame you at all.
when more works are done, I'll stop being so mysterious & start sharing plans & wide angle pictures.


Pictures, styling & collages of this post are done by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy


  1. Hi Iro! Thank you for sharing your little corners :) I'm sure it is coming together beautifully, organically and in the end it will be harmonious, as that is how you like to do things - with great care. I wish you the time you need to find your peace. Meanwhile, your space here is quite peaceful and serene. It's a nice place to be. xoxoxox

  2. thank you again for the little thank you note! you are so welcome! i miss those pictures from your home and yourself, with a feeling good tone! but i know those will come anytime soon! just like holly said above, you know how to do things beautifully and with great care, so i expect nothing less than a beautiful place with an inviting mood! i know that you feel that you need to do a lot of work until you feel this as your home and your inside world, but let me tell you that for all i've seen it has your name written all over it and it feels already so comforting. have a lovely day!claudia