dancers, sweets & demons

Welcome Monday... 
  welcome new week...
 welcome you here...

 how have your weekends been?

 nice ones in all possible ways I hope.

 if you are inquiring about mine,
 let me make what resembles a list with weekend events,
 instead of the usual communicative paragraphs:

 ~>  personal demons came out of the "closet"
 despite all efforts to soothe them & "make them go away"

 ~>  once more, facing & accepting them
 turned out the most liberating part

 ~>  in between preparing our winter garden / dining area
 to be dressed in its new floors
 actually doing so with my partner,
 we managed to hate each other as much our new house

~>  worst parts of our personalities came out
only to feel better next Sunday morning,
while facing the results of our work


this is not an "easy" house to love
but so long as we are put down by all the difficulties arising,
we will never come to actually enjoying it.

do you believe in time?

I do. I think it's one of the most magnificent aspects of life
& have enormous respect for it,
 especially as years pass by.

on the one hand, one shouldn't waste it,
on the other hand, it seems rather pointless,
to be pressuring & rushing things.

Time means opportunity to evolve,
to grow,

and speaking of growth,
I feel that life in our new house,
is intensively pointing out the need 
for me to grow as a person

btw, what are collages combining ballet dancers & delicious sweets doing around here?

they are representing the sweet parts of this weekend....
what do I mean?
you'll see in the next lines ; )

Sunday afternoon & early evening brought a nice closure to the WE...
that's what happened...

some hours of exercising / dancing
marked the return to what is appearing to be a new routine
I find incredible joy in body moving
and for the first time after a few decades
when I attended dance classes
the expression that comes through movement
is more therapeutic & balancing than anything else.

yoga & meditation seem to be incorporated in the dance movements,
and the outcome is more "whole" than ever before


and what are pretty parcels doing in the collage?
well, they are reminding of what I' m currently incredibly missing:

crafting & photographing,
but patience, we'll get to that again.

there needs to be a somehow finished studio corner
(yes, this will be out dining area, cause of the plenty natural light,
where the large table will have a double use)
 a new camera, as the current one could sadly not be repaired.
I'm amazed that some good pictures are still made despite the malfunctions.
It's definitely not a pleasure working with it though.


and sweets, what are sweets doing here?
well, there is almost no bad mood that a hot cup of tea
and some chocolate cookies can not beat,
even when they are not homemade
and looking as gorgeous 
as the cupcakes and cakes in the pictures above & below

... speaking of cupcakes,

there is more work to be done in the next weeks that will have as models
these fabulously charming ladies:

looking so much forward to working with them!

wishing you all to spend one lovely week.
will be quite busy around here, as we are getting help in the house.

there are just some things that unless one is an experienced hand worker,
 cannot be pulled off.

and before time & energy is wasted,
we are so happy to be investing in getting some professional help.

hello isolated winter garden.
hello finished floors.
yes. these are the hellos I wish to say soon.

you' ll notice when I do ; )

till then, take care & keep warm my dears...
thank you for steadily growing our wonderful group of readers here!

collage curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy

picture credit: diptych ~> left & right
collage ~> clockwise from top left: 1.2.3.


  1. well, i'm impressed by the personal tone on this post, and i know how hard it could be sometimes. i know that you can be very personal here, but admitting that you and your loved one actually had a "nervous breakdown" during the process of doing those things together is very brave of you. because those things happen. and yes, just like you i believe in time. time heals everything, or if not everything, makes some things a little bit easier. and i honestly believe that a few years from now you'll look back and smile at all this process. your home will be beautiful, for sure! hugs, twiggs

  2. Iro, when I started reading this post I've never imagine that it would be o personal but I 've liked it. Because who is behind a blog is a real person and has good and bad times. And sharing it with us it can really be a relief (I think that way when I'm writing on my blog and sharing my deepest thoughts). Life is not easy but anyone had said that to us. Is in our hands to make it work and you really do, if you let me say that. Love your post and all the dancers photos :). Simply wonderful! Have a nice day! Big kisses

  3. New life can be really hard some times... but good things need a little more effort. When everything comes easily we tend not to appreciate it. I have faith on you... you will find your way... soon...! My weekend was not much better and I wish I could dance my difficulties away. Yoga and dance... oh... two things I miss most after leaving Greece. Hugs my dear friend! xoxo

  4. hi, i love the dancepics. remind me of my childhood! thanks for this!
    regards from germany.