silence & movement ~ oui, je vous aime aujourd' hui...

Good morning my dears,

well, appropriate would be a happy Friday, right?

bounded as this blog and its author are to be monitoring the truth,
this is everything but a happy day here.

oh well. 

while everything appears to be going wrong,
there's one thing that still feels quite right...
and this is posting here.

Today my thoughts are on silence & movement
 Silence, which is often all that is needed for peace to thrive again...

 silence, in which {there is so much beauty}*
 still most people are afraid of it...

*I was so surprised to read that post shared more than a year ago
and so incredibly energized for the fact that many things have indeed changed.

Not only I'm no longer undecided,
but very positively & strongly supporting 
my work shared here
& incredibly happy for the fact that this blog has come to life.

I'm sure its a direction to lots of creative & successful moments ahead

now coming back to silence...
some more thoughts:
 "everyone" seems to be rushing to make the next post, the next update, the next movement,
so that "something" is happening in this fast paced world
the next plan, the next dream, the next challenge,
the next goal, the next accomplishment, the next....
the next... the next...

and there can be so much meaningless "noise" produced,
that life is lost among all plannings for the "next"

it certainly characterizes our era
but does it really lead to any truly & deeply felt happiness?

there are some serious doubts about it in my head

and you?
what do you think?
I know that most of us are "trapped" in this kind of behavior
& thinking more or less often 

and don't get me wrong,
I do adore having things accomplished,
yes, new desires come along the way...
there just seems to be less of an "obsession" about it...

and then...
  there is the {beauty of the moment}...

I still cherish it even in difficult emotional & practical moments
and no... not being lost in memories of happiness that has passed
or dreaming of the ones that are to come.

simply embracing the moment as it is.

and when there is need to break the silence,

no force, or masked abuse of any kind will be used to achieve it.

rather surrendering to the beauty of the movement.

have you ever surrendered yourselves to your favourite tunes,
your eyes closed, 
while dancing, 
feeling light & airy...
almost as if your body is out of control...
but in fact just it being totally released of its tension
and tuned to the music as if they were one?

magical ~

Our bodies need movement as much as rest
it seems that the "modern" way of life of doing everything in front of a tiny or a mighty big screen
calls to our attention...

have you moved today my dears?

the woods are there waiting after days of having had a cold...

it has snowed a bit, which reminded me of the beauty of the frozen lake
across {our home} last year...

I'm patient but longing for changes, too...

wishing you all a lovely Friday,
as yes indeed, posting once more has served in soothing intense emotions
& my wishes to you can now be true

happy, happy Friday my dears!

leaving you with a diptych that speaks to me of positivism, freshness
& beautiful innocence


Collage picture credit clockwise from top left:
Diptych picture credit: left - right

collage & diptych curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy


  1. Iro, as Mr. Happy in person, I felt the need to comment here! How do we know about happiness? How can we cherish happiness and be happy? Because we know what it feels like not to be happy. And this is as essential as happiness. Otherwise, would we know happiness at all? The important thing on such days is to know that you are not all alone with this feeling and not all alone in this world. That always helps me getting back on track when I have my downs. And then there is a little glow somewhere on the horizon. And yes, that over there is happiness. Guiding our way back on the happy track. Maybe naive, but that's how I see things. So even though it's a tough day, focus, reboot and dive into silence to be happy again:-)

    1. Thank you Igor for coming over & leaving your thoughts from Mr Happy's poin of view. I'm sure you/ he know well ;) Very much appreciated & cherished. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too. Much love, relaxation, laughter, good times above all, xx

  2. Dear Iro, sorry to read that your are having an emotional day. I send you some of my positive vibes. My house is a mess, I have 4 young girls (2 are mine, 2 are guest) waiting for me to feed them and stacks and stacks of paper and work on my desk.
    But I feel so energized today as I feel more in charge of my own life then I used to. I feel grown up today and wise. Saying that - here is my advice for you: "Focus on the good, send the bad away and don't forget to be awesome, my dear!" It will pass - I am 100% sure.
    Have a nice and sunny weekend. Hugs, Imke

    1. Hello Imke, I really like reading about your grown up & wise self today. It's a shower of positivity. Appreciate your advice very much, too. There is no doubt that it too shall pass.
      Sometimes I think I should incorporate less of my personal feelings to the blog, but then when I wish to post and the feelings are there, I get the impression that it is unfair to hide them behind a screen. Not to mention that I feel that the readers can just get through to me. This place is like a meeting place. Virtual on the one side but then quite a few of us know each other, meet each other in real life or at least share an online friendship. And pretendious feelings have no place among friends.

      I wish also to grow up. Perhaps this is part of the current disatisfaction. I need to make a step further. And it needs to be a big one.

      Much love to you & your daugthers. No matter how hard & all the responsibity with the 2 extra girls visiting, I'm sure you'll have great times together. xoxo

  3. The beauty of movements... I've danced Ballet for mote than 10 years and these were the best years for me. I love Ballet and the freedom it give to me. Nice picture, Iro :). Have a nice weekend!

  4. Dear Iro! I can so relate - feeling like this a lot of times in my life. I always try and focus on the beauty of the everyday. I tend to shy away then from the "real world people" and keep up online connections because there you can control the noise. What really lifts me up then is cooking or crafting :One cannot resist happy thoughts with beautiful material at hand.
    Sending you positive vibes from Korea- the year of the Dragon will bring a lot of energy and positive things!!!

  5. Hermoso diptico y collage!!! me encantan las imágenes! Saludos desde Argentina!

  6. Thank you for sharing your feelings here Iro. I know so many can relate to this, I know I sure can - and as Igor says, when we get support and know that we are not alone in these moments then somehow it makes it easier to let them take their course and know that eventually happiness is on it's way. Meanwhile patience (silence) and movement are the perfect medicines. Thank you for sharing Valerie Sebestyen Photography. I am in love!!!! Xx.

  7. what an inspirational and beautiful blog you have, I loved it! Happy friday :)

  8. I so agree with you and you`re thoughts about this!
    I actually think a lot like this my self and try to live my life
    momoent by moment. I even wrote a few words on my own blog about thoughts like this the last week :)
    Its absolutely no doubt that truly happines comes from that way of living and thinking. Thats my opinion an experience in life :) But unfortunately I think a lot of people are rushing through life without noticing it.

    You have a lovely blog I would love to follow.
    Beautiful photos and wise words!
    Hugs from Marie (Norway)