~ secrets & spices ~

you know the times when words just don't come the right way my dears?

I think this might be the case since a couple of days here...
yes, that must be it.

due to rather intense emotions...
                                                         from both sides of the spectrum...
                                                           the bright ones & the dark ones...

and then a little tireness due to this silly flu & cold together that came partying in my organism
without my persmission,

then again me being overanxious to get over it
in order to proceed with works at the house,
only to be finding me resting in bed again the next day

uff and uff again.

as a result, it seems like too much of time
has passed since I've been meaning to come here and thank you very dearly for 
warmely accepting my invitation 
 having shared a mostly wonderful {cup of comfort} with me.

what an experience!
I really enjoyed connecting  with you
both here & over at my private Fb account

what's really great is that this post & the interaction with you
has served in establishing a clear connection in my thoughts
about a factor very critical in
experiencing Love & Happiness in our relationships and living environments:
well, can you guess what it is?


C o m f o r t 

no matter what
no matter who
no matter how

I cannot think of any environment & relationship being
perceived & felt as happy, healthy & lovingly,
unless there is plenty of comfort in them.

you know...
something that begins from acceptance
passes in between warmth & reaches to support & growth

this is what good interior design & functional relationships of any kind are to me:

Comfort. Plenty of it.

mmm... it seems that coming here and starting to type also serves as
a comfort to me
& as I see, words are no longer difficult in any way of being spelled out.

perhaps, cause I also feel very happy for the fact that some of you I really have warm feelings for
 are reading these lines.


o.k. this is the time that you and I agree that enough has been said...
right? ; )
pictures please & to the point!

So, on the opening picture of the post,
you can take a glimpse of the totally unfinished part of our bedroom,
aka the 3.10m x 4.60m {height by width} wall behind our bed, which is patiently awaiting
 a few hands of sanding and then to be dressed
in nice & stylish wallpaper.

till then, you can see how I spent some time taking breaks while busy in the house,
{had been dealing with folding laundry at that time}
away from the main pc, which is a big temptation due to all the creative work that can be done there
& only but temporarily logging in selectively to some of my favorite on line places
using precious mrs netbook

... the lights have been shining on Pinterest these past days.
no doubts for that ; )

and then, there is a little peek into our temporarily arranged
cooking corner, that is for those of you who haven't already seen it 

Love is... the best spice
would you agree with me?


sorry for the big leap without a word,
I hope you haven't missed me ; )

above is a little collage I prepared to serve as an icon for 

not much of written information,
but just some favorite moments in interior design, crafting, styling & photography,
including recent shots of our new home.

All unitied under my favorite umbrella:

S t y l e

well what do you think?


the time has come to say good night cause it's already late for us here...

and I really can't go without sharing with you
a few lines written to describe the picture below,
which turned out to be 
a little, mighty poem,
I'll dare to post here:

S e c r e t s 

They say the night & darkness hold one thousand secrets...
 I find life's secrets hidden in light...
Thousand little miracles masked in eternal white...
Patiently awaiting for the brave ones to unfold them.

and you dear ones?
do you know your secrets?

.... have a beautiful night... or day
and see you quite soon  ~


  1. I love the way you take your photos. They give me the feeling that everything is so calm and zen in your house. I love the colors, the brightness, everything! You are really an inspiration for me :). Kisses from Portugal!

    1. Fiona,

      thank you very much for all the kind words you are always sharing here. It sure feels wonderful to have readers like you that respond so warmly to what is shared here!
      I'm really happy you are part of this blog :)
      Warm regards to you in pretty Portugal all the way from Frankfurt, xx

    2. I'm the one that thank you for all the great words, photos and tips that you share with us in your blog. I love the way you interact with your readers. I think that when we are bloggers we should always give special attention to our readers because if we write for them, we should take an effort and be gentle to them. And you are!! An dthat's way you are one of my favourite bloggers.

      And Frankfurt is on my trip list! :) I've never been in Germany but I pretty curious to now some parts of the country.


    3. Thank you again Fiona. Very much. Have a wonderful weekend full of nice moments, xx.

  2. So charming, you are! The poem is wonderful - and you know I already consider you quite a poet - so this little one makes me happy. The collage for your FB page is super! I real, real, like it. Capturing you favourite style moments - great inspiration. Love definitely IS the best spice, and comfort is definitely a prerequisite for happiness ... actually ... I'm going to share a little story:

    This weekend I went tango dancing. I am a beginner and everyone there knew exactly what they were doing. I was feeling a bit insecure - uncomfortable. But I danced. Some of my partners were nice and patient. Some were not. My self esteem was up and down all night. It was very, very challenging. But you know what? I had the best time! I was really happy about my night and the effort and courage I had.

    So maybe ... discomfort can bring happiness sometimes ... is some ways.

    But if we are talking about home and interiors, comfort is definitely not negotiable ;)

    Are you fully over the flu that came to party in your body without permission?! LOL. You are so funny Iro.


    1. Hi Holly!

      thank you mostly for sharing your little tango class story & all your lovely remarks about... everything. Aren't you too kind with me? ...but I'm happy to know your positive opinion. Merci! Gracie!

      Then it just feels so nice & right when people open up here. I'm happy you shared it & I clearly see your point about discomfort in the situation you experienced this weekend.

      Our ability to stand above occasional & often unavoidable life's discomforts certainly brings a feeling of accomplishment.
      And feelings of accomplishment behold happiness quite often. Yes, you have me there right with you...

      As for recovery, it is close to its ending cycle, but I must admit it has so far left me quite easily exhausted, while cough attacks at night are keeping me up. So looking forward to myself as it was till the days of Malta!

      Thank you for passing by & asking. Enjoy your evening dear :) xx

  3. Of course we missed you!
    Well, I kind of feel the same about being tired. Maybe I have been a hedgehog in former life and now
    I miss the "winter sleep" :)

    1. wishing you a weekend full of hedgehog "winter sleep" so that you recharge your batteries dear Kiki!

  4. Hi, I came over from your flickr stream, i search for more goodness. The house seems so calm and airy! And your delicate love for texture pops in each time :)

    1. Hello Meeha, welcome here & thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you spend some nice time while searching for some goodness ;)