... mmmm, a cup of comfort... anyone?

 hello darlings,
   how about a cup of comfort for this Friday & the weekend ahead?

  a hot drink, some pieces of dark chocolate & slices of my favorite
  German "Stollen",
 were my treats after another day of soup eating.

 Not that I dislike soups in any way, to the contrary, actually {love them} for the winter,
 but try eating the same kind of soup a few days in a row
  you'll possibly notice that sense of boredom

 The frozen sunshiny days seem to have left our region
 and rainy weather is thriving again... 

 Guessing what that means?
  time for candles, candles & more of them even during the day to
 warm the light & atmosphere in our environment,
 much like {then}...

The pictures are taken in what will one day be our dining room
& my little studio corner.

It in fact is a room mostly made of glass,
or else a winter garden,
connected to the kitchen area,
having an outlook to some neighboring houses & the woods

In our current & quite temporary arrangement,
 there seems to be an unusual amount of color 
for my standards,
but then this room will see many faces & phases,
till it's done, so why not?
 ; )

Here's some little help for you to start taking an idea...

Other than placing our new {table} & a {bench},
this room is rather undone & in serious need of :

1 ~> new floors to be placed
(temporarily stored under our couch & bed,
 which were bought from {this} company)

2 ~> 5 more jalousies like the one just temporarily placed,
to dress the 6 vertical windows in a row,
so that we have more of privacy when wanted
some extra isolation against the cold that indeed is brought
inside during the winter

3 ~> a curtain,
 whose {fabric} is already chosen sewn, 
to be placed on the side of the "window" wall 
(not seen in the picture)

4 ~> a little desk shelf for my individual work corner

5 ~> cables for pendants lights to be placed by an electrician
so that they "fall" above the dining area
actually quite a few other details, it rather makes no sense to mention,
when all the room is not properly displayed

in time though my friends...
in case you are looking forward, just imagine my own anticipation

... other than that, we have been also very much
enjoying the light of our new lanterns (one in white & one in grey)
and occasional meals,
while covered in blankets ; )

here is a shot made on the 24th of December,
when we first used our new table & room
for breakfast

 and here is one more shot taken this afternoon,
 a little before sundown when rain was pouring...
I kinda love this moody light...
I think...

      make it a great one my dears!


  1. Love your Stollen and moss-colored dishware. You make minimal color look so dreamy and inviting. Makes my want to get rid of ALL my stuff and start all over again!! ;->

  2. Oh I love it... and having same treats right now :) and for the glass room - I would love it in my home, so easy to do photographs inside right? A lot of light, I love that

  3. i love coffee and your work too..

    nice weekend for you :)

  4. a cup of comfort? I am so IN! This is exactly what my weekend will be about. I am fighting off my treacherous cold and will stay in this weekend, with hot ginger tea with lemon and honey, warm blankets and cosy cushions. Books, blogs, and a movie or two will round it up! Have a great one, Iro!! Kalo sabbatokyriako!

    1. Get well soon Igor! Sounds like you are fully prepared for a weekend full of recovery, while wrapped in comfort. Enjoy + perastika :)

  5. Dear Iro,
    oh yes, I would like to join you for a "cup of comfort" in this wonderful dining room (the hints of green are gorgeous). Unfortunately I have a bad stomach flu at the moment (N., my poor little boy, was the first two days ago), so the Stollen has to wait a bit.

    I hope you feel much better!

    A big hug,

    1. Gute und schnelle Besserung ihr liebe!
      Thank you for sharing a cup of comfort here with me, till the room is ready and we can have a real one :) Ganz liebe Grüsse und Drücke, xoxo

  6. I'm having some Kakao right now, reading your post ;) Lovely work you are doing. Step by step, it will all come together and each of these steps will make it wonderful.

    A few things to say:
    - your link for the fabric for your curtains doesn't work, and I so badly want to see it.
    - Do you know what pendant lights you will get yet?
    - I LOVE how you captured the steam coming from those hot cups in the second to last picture.
    - and the rain drops on the window pane in the last picture.

    Have a great weekend, nursing yourself back to health. Wishing you get well soon Xx.

    1. Holly darling, link corrected, thank you for pointing out. The pendant lights are already chosen & purchased. The electricity lines though (there are currently none!) will have to wait until sometime in early Spring perhaps to be drown above the dining table, as the isolation process MUST come first. Oh well.
      Thank's for all your wishes and lovely comments here! Have a great one yourself & take good care. xoxo

  7. looks lovely iro. there is so much light in this room. cant wait to see it finished. love.

  8. Love your pics here - dreamy! :-)

  9. Lovely pictures already and I can almost feel this home has a good atmosphere.. The view out of the window is adorable... living on a higher level brings in so much better light ;)

    I think if you feel like adding more color you should go for it.. its only paint most of the time.

    have a great weekend sweetie

  10. I will ask the cup of such comfort;)
    wonderful place! full lightings which I like!
    I am greeting from Poland!

  11. Yes please! I really need one :(

  12. I love your blog, Iro. The way you show the improvements in your house, your photos always so delicate, your words always so inspiring. Well, eating the same kind of soup for many days on a row is not good at all, even when you like soup! Hope you are getting well really quickly. Kisses from Portugal :)

  13. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the space. It is so much fun planning and getting a room together. Developing an atmosphere. Candles are my comfort and soothes me in the dark and rainy times. Together with big cups of tea :)