... the good old ways ~

... the most adorable little card, with a minimal & very essential message arrived to our new home a couple of days ago, from a very dear family friend residing in New York & vacationing in her apartment in Greece, where we usually meet:

                                                    " I wish you peace & joy throughout the year "

 ... how could any one ask for more? Thank you so much Mrs Angeliki! Sending you all my love, xoxo

~ happy till my heart melts... 
~ this darling handwriting and to find a card in our new home address - even if after the holidays, has been such a lovely surprise... 
~ oh how do I treasure the "good old ways" in our kind of crazy, virtual, often overloaded & hectic world...
~ have you written & sent any cards this year? 
  I so tremendously missed it due to our movement & ongoing house renovation works this year
~ memories of {last year} bring some compensation & a happy longing for the next holiday season to come.

Wishing everyone  peace & joy  throughout this year!

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