Love life by Miss Emma

Have a lovely afternoon dear friends!
There has been quite a lot going on both in real life and the blog world and I'm pretty glad to be at least managing to post now.

While I was preparing a post I'm suspecting you are going to love,
more lovely news arrived in my Etsy shop's mailbox and I came quickly here to share with you.

One of my very dear friends since the beginning of my online presence in flickr and blog land, talented and sweetest Miss Emma, has prepared a wee treasury, as she would say, including and promoting a print of my shop among other delightful items.

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy and treasuries, they are a way of promoting a collection of items, selected by individual sellers themselves.

I'm very happy and honored to have been already included quite a few times, despite the shop's new items having been exactly just a month on its shelves and available.

It sure feels great to be welcome :)

So here's "love life...!" by lovely Emma

and here are my Oilcloths, photographed in Horeuto, a village by the sea in magical Pilion of Greece during our summer vacation this June:

available here

Hope you enjoy taking a look and I'll see you later caring a relaxed feeling of childhood memories...you'll see...

Love and best of wishes to you all

Ivy  ~ xx 


  1. thank you so much for your sweet words miss Iro, and I am super pleased you like the collection... let's hope it makes it to the front page for you... :)

    also, I'm loving your new look blog and I'm looking forward to dropping in from time to time... :)

    hugs from us,

  2. You are welcome dear Emma :)
    Making it to the front page would be great, still I so much enjoy to be featured by people I love, even though we know each other only through online presence.

    So, thank you!
    Love and hugs to you both :) xx